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Is Starcraft 2 Still Good? | GAME REVIEW

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It has been almost nine years since the Legacy of the Void expansion to StarCraft II’s epic trilogy concluded. But is Blizzard’s classic real-time strategy game still relevant in 2024? We’re revisiting to see if the RTS masterpiece has stayed the test of time.

The Campaign: Solid Gameplay, Shaky Story

We’ll start with Legacy of the Void’s single-player campaign – the Protos race vs Amon. The plot unfortunately slips into pretty standard “good vs evil” territory that lacks the nuance of the original StarCraft. Amon is a very flat villain whose dialogue and plot are littered with cringeworthy clichés.

But the actual gameplay and mission structure of the campaign are excellent. You get new mechanics with every mission, from moving your base using mobile platforms to controlling hero units that have special abilities. The difficulty also tips the scales in the right direction, with brutal being a particularly Brutal but fair test for StarCraft veterans.

So while the campaign narrative is a letdown, the sheer quality and variety of the missions themselves still make for an incredibly fun real-time strategy game in 2024. The story may be forgettable, but the gameplay proves why the StarCraft formula is still so strong.

Multiplayer Redefined

Of course, the StarCraft formula has always been multiplayer. And Legacy of the Void added some great touches that have kept the classic RTS fresh and exciting nearly 5 years later.

The two new co-op modes were game-changers. Allied Commanders lets you work together as a team-up as a hero commander (such as Raynor or Kerrigan) to solve gameplay problems. It’s the perfect mode for more casual players, with a satisfying progression loop.

But the true multiplayer innovation is Archon Mode, where two players compete for control of a single army and base. Having to allocate resources and strategize with a partner changes the traditional 1v1 formula in novel ways. It makes StarCraft much more accessible without sacrificing the amazing skill ceiling.

Legacy of the Void also refines and simplifies several core mechanics for faster, more intense multiplayer matches than previous entries. Things like higher starting worker counts and cleaner macro mechanics help to keep the pace up without sacrificing the depth hardcore fans demand.

They also added several new multiplayer units that completely changed the rock-paper-scissors faction dynamics. New metagame units such as the massive Terran Liberator siege walker forced players to reevaluate build orders and strategies. Competitive multiplayer was completely revitalized.

Setting the RTS Standard Still

And so is StarCraft II: Is 2024 still a good year for Legacy of the Void? For real-time strategy gameplay, the answer is a ringing yes. While the writing is a little laughable sometimes, the actual second-to-second gameplay and level design are among the best the genre has ever created.

In the multiplayer space, Blizzard’s willingness to branch out into new modes while maintaining what makes StarCraft great has rewarded itself. The traditional tactical gameplay loop is back and as exciting as ever; however, this time around there’s a co-op spin that really brings things alive. The meta also never gets stale due to constant balance updates.

So StarCraft II is still essentially an unbeatable strategic chess game where your tactical decision-making and multitasking are tested to the limits. Combining an iconic formula with smart new developments, Legacy of the Void is an RTS benchmark that will be replayable and relevant well into 2024.

While the real-time strategy has shifted to include games such as They Are Billions and Frostpunk, 19 years later, StarCraft II remains at the top of the genre. The longevity of the iconic game was even more cemented with Blizzard’s support and enhancements such as Legacy of the Void and expansions such as it. Just ask RTS fans: it just can not get any better.

  • Amazing Multiplayer
  • Great Gameplay and Mechanics
  • Is still a solid RTS Game
  • Decent Campaign
  • Slowly Losing Playerbase
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