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A Guide on How to Play the New VALORANT Agent, Clove

Ready to inject some chaos into your VALORANT matches? Clove, the newest controller, is here to shake things up! This Scottish troublemaker brings a unique blend of aggression and resilience to the fight. Can’t wait to see her outfits. She might enter the most expensive VALORANT skins

With her smokes, decay field, and even a potential second life thanks to her ultimate, get ready to turn up the heat and outmaneuver your opponents. Let’s dive into how to master Clove’s kit and unleash your inner berserker on the battlefield.

VALORANT Agent Clove Abilities

Clove valorant

Signature Ability (E) – RUSE

Your classic smoke with a twist! Each charge gives 15 seconds of cover, but here’s the fun part: Die with RUSE left, and you can drop even MORE smoke for extra teammate support or to fake out the enemy about your position.

Basic Ability (Q) – MEDDLE

Mess up the enemy’s day with this zone of decay. It forces them to back off or take a big health hit, giving you a huge advantage in a duel. Needs line of sight, so pair it with RUSE to push a chokepoint aggressively! Don’t forget, it affects allies too, so communicate with your team before tossing one down.

Basic Ability (C) – PICK-ME-UP

Need a second wind?  This gives a burst of health and speed – reposition after a risky play, surprise an enemy who thinks you’re done for, or even rush into the fight for a quick, clutch kill.  It’s temporary, so make every moment count!

Ultimate Ability (X) – NOT DEAD YET

Dying with your ultimate charged? NOT DEAD YET gives you a few seconds of invulnerability to reposition, then about 10 seconds to snag a kill or assist to stay alive for good.  Flank, surprise, and force your enemies to panic, but be smart about who you target – one kill is all it takes!

How to Play New VALORANT Agent Clove

Clove is all about aggressive controller play. Use RUSE to cover risky pushes, MEDDLE to force duels, and don’t be afraid to die if NOT DEAD YET could turn the tide of the fight.  

She excels on maps where mobility isn’t as crucial, and her chaos can be truly terrifying for unprepared enemies.  Casual players will love her in-your-face combat and the potential for hilarious second chances!

How to Unlock Clove

  • Buy her outright. If you’re impatient, you can buy Clove outright for 1000 Valorant Credits.
  • Play to unlock. You’ve got until April 23, 2024, to earn enough XP (200,000 to be exact) to unlock her for free. If you miss the deadline, she’ll cost you 8000 Kingdom Credits later on.
  • Xbox Game Pass. Xbox Game Pass subscribers get Clove added automatically, no extra steps needed!

Final Thoughts 

Clove is a whirlwind of aggression and unexpected comebacks.  If you’re the kind of player who likes diving headfirst into the action, taking risks, and making the enemy second-guess their every move, she’s the controller for you.  Get ready for some seriously chaotic fun because with Clove on your team, no fight is truly over until the very last second.

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