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Fortnite Avatar: The Airbender Collab – All You Need to Know

Epic has just rolled out a new update for Fortnite, featuring new items from the Avatar: The Last Airbender collaboration. Epic has added a new battle pass, along with the crossover event to the game. To incorporate these new changes into the game, the Greek mythology theme had to take a hit. Users can now find many of the Greek mythology elements disappearing. To start off, Midas and his crew have been removed from the game. Hence, you will not find the Midas Service Station anymore. Let’s take a look at all the changes to Fornite with this new update.

Fortnite x Avatar Collab 

The Avatar crossover has brought in new mythic Easter eggs along with a new mythic item called the “waterbending” technique. This new item can fire three shots of ice individually or in bursts. If players dive into the water while equipped with the waterbending technique, it increases their health and boosts their movement while swimming.

With boats being away from Fortnite right now, water mobility has always remained a major concern for all Fortnite players. This new mythic item now allows them to travel much faster in water, making raving so easy and early rotations possible. Equipping both the Wings of Icarus allows players easy mobility throughout the match. For even better mobility, players can use the speed boost medallion along with the two new items without allocating an extra inventory slot for the item.

A New Fornite x Avatar POI incoming?

While exiting the battle bus, players can notice a new broken iceberg in the outskirts of the island. This iceberg is once again a part of the new collab and depicts the scene from the pilot episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender. An exclusive battle pass relating to this collab is live now. In the coming weeks, new challenges and rewards will be available for players who have bought the battle pass. As expected, Kora’s new skin variant is a part of the new unlockables for this week.

As of now, Kora’s exclusive battle pass has 10 quests with rewards for completing each of them. Fortnite’s official blog has listed the quests, which are pretty simple.

In other news,

Kratos and his son Atreus are set to make an appearance in the store once again. It is yet to be determined whether we will see God of War-related changes on the Fortnite island. As far as the present leaks are concerned, Kratos is coming back to the item shop, hinting at more God of War-related quests. Apart from the skin leaks, nothing has been confirmed yet. Luckily, Fortnite experts have confirmed that Atreus will be one of the new upcoming skins.

For all the Guardians of the Galaxy fans, Groot is coming back into the item shop with a new variant and a new back bling. Fortnite is set to launch a new Chewbacca skin in the first week of May to celebrate the annual Star Wars collaboration.  Since 2019, Fortnite has celebrated May 4th as an iconic date for the Star Wars franchise. It’s going to be a packed month with a ton of rewards up for grabs. Follow our page to keep up with the latest Fortnite news and not miss out on any important game updates.


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