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Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 259 Leaks: Aoi Todo is back on the battlefield

The second half of Jujutsu Kaisen’s new chapter 259 was an exciting and harrowing rollercoaster ride for viewers. Although Sukuna’s Divine Flame attack along with Choso’s sacrifice were the highlight of the evening, Aoi Todo’s return was the real star of the chapter. 

The Arrival of a Strong Ally

Yuji Itadori was in an awful situation when Sukuna unleashed the full power of his Divine Flame. The burning inferno threatened to turn everybody in its path into dust, including Yuji himself. Choso then safeguards Yuji with a blood barrier, killing himself while doing so. Overwhelmed with loss and also fearing he was the only person who always survived, Yuji was on the edge of despair.

Enter Aoi Todo, arriving like a beacon of hope amid the chaos. His unexpected appearance renewed Yuji’s determination and he told Yuji that their allies had been saved by a plan developed by Todo and Mei Mei.

A Courageous Rescue Mission

A flashback informs readers that Todo and Mei Mei planned to evacuate their allies from Sukuna’s Domain. Crows were used to guide Mei Mei back out, and Todo’s Boogie Woogie carried the sorcerers towards safety. However, Todo was too far away from Yuji and Choso since they were in the Domain’s epicenter which is why he couldn’t reach them in time.

Although Todo could not save Choso, he still managed to keep their allies alive. He showed his growth and tactical skills to do this. Todo’s return brought Yuji’s spirit back up. His return also signaled the start of a brand new stage. This new stage is in the war with Sukuna.

A Sorcerer Reborn

Todo’s return has been eagerly anticipated by fans since his fatal fight with Mahito. Even though his complete recovery is still yet to be determined, Todo appears much more confident this time around, and it might be a hint that either his Boogie Woogie came back or it became even stronger.

He talked about feeling the “heartbeat” of his cursed technique which appears to suggest Todo has been through something greatly different. This may mean that his CT might be stronger and more powerful than ever before.

The Calm Before the Storm

Because the strain of summoning the Divine Flame has placed Sukuna in an unstable position, he’s unable to utilize his full cursed technique for some time. This window gives Todo and Yuji a chance to attack while Sukuna’s defenses are down.

As the chapter winds down with the trio dueling, fans can barely wait for a rematch that will shake the entire world. Once these unstoppable forces collide, the shockwaves will definitely echo all throughout the Jujutsu Kaisen universe.

A Turning Point in the Battle

Todo’s return is a critical turning point in the fight against Sukuna. His return provides Yuji with much-needed assistance. However, his return also serves as a wild card. This wild card could potentially tip the scales in favor of the sorcerers.

With Todo’s strategic thinking and possibly new skills, paired with Yuji’s tenacity, this duo might have what they need to overcome Sukuna’s overpoweredness.

The stakes have never been higher, and the events that taking place in this particular fight will unquestionably determine the future of the Jujutsu Kaisen world. This news from Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 259 potentially leads to even more revelations and twists.

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