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Is Fallout 76 Worth It? | GAME REVIEW

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Yo, vault dwellers! You’re probably wondering if Fallout 76, Bethesda’s ambitious multiplayer spin on the Fallout series, is actually worth jumping into these days. Well, let me break it down for you with this trusty Fallout 76 review.

When 76 first launched back in 2018, it was…well, pretty rough, to put it lightly. The game was buggy as hell, lacked any real human NPCs to interact with, and felt lifeless compared to the rich single-player Fallout experiences of the past. Players were divided – some embraced the new online survival approach, while others wondered what the heck Bethesda was thinking.

The 2024 Wasteland Experience

But oh man, has Fallout 76 come a long, long way since those rocky early days. Thanks to consistent updates from passionate developers, the game has truly transformed into something special in 2024. The irradiated Wasteland of Appalachia has never felt more alive!

The big game-changer was the addition of full questlines featuring interactive human NPCs you can converse with. No more following breadcrumb trails of dead settlers’ notes and audio logs. You finally get to make real choices, build relationships, and watch your decisions impact the deep, Choice-Driven Narrative, complete with Bethesda’s trademark blend of shadowy intrigue and bleak humor. 

Fallout’s Endgame Has Arrived

While the storytelling has shaped up nicely, the real star of the show in 2024 is Fallout 76’s almost endless endgame. Sure, there’s still a solid 30-ish hour main campaign stuffed with iconic moments. But the real magic happens after that. 

Are you a hardcore loot goblin? Then you’ll love the addictive gameplay loop of gathering materials, crafting incredible weapons and power armor, and using them to take down uniquely grotesque enemies. And those iconic freakshow foes have never felt more satisfying to slay.

The endgame content is where Fallout 76 really shines these days. You’ve got daily operations, seasonal events, and brutal multiplayer raids against legendary bosses like the terrifying Scorchbeast Queen. The sheer amount of activities and rewards to chase is staggering.

Appalachia: Solo or Co-Op

Basically, if you’re a die-hard Fallout fanatic who couldn’t get into 76 during those shaky launch days, 2024 is genuinely the perfect time to return and give it an honest shot. With all the impressive upgrades and amazing amount of content, it’s arguably the single best way to experience Fallout right now.  

Not feeling social? No problem! You can play through the entire game’s story and endgame content entirely solo thanks to Fallout 1st’s private servers. Or squad up with buddies and tackle iconic threats as a well-oiled wasteland team, sharing perk cards and specializing roles.

A Thriving Community

Speaking of friends, Fallout 76’s multiplayer community is an absolute highlight. Maybe you want to join up with a roleplaying tribe that survived the nuclear blasts and has their own customs? Or perhaps you’d rather run supply routes as an armed merchant crew? There are so many uniquely creative player-run communities to find your niche with.

The community’s sheer passion for this game world is downright inspiring. You’ve got everything from storytellers doing live in-game performances to armies of “Couriers” providing indispensable services for newcomers. No matter your playstyle, you’ll find a welcoming home in Appalachia’s Wasteland.

Lingering Quirks

That’s not to say Fallout 76 is a flawless gem in 2024. You’ll still run into the occasional bizarre glitchy texture, errant brahmin getting stuck in scenery, or other typical Bethesda jank here and there. But hey, just boot up a private world and you can play without those random hiccups mucking things up!

Fair Monetization

As for monetization, Fallout 76 keeps it relatively fair overall. There’s a premium Fallout 1st subscription that unlocks quality-of-life benefits like an infinite stash for junk, monthly Atom allowances for cosmetics, private world access, and bonus loot tied to seasonal scoreboards. But subscriptions are totally optional.

Through regular gameplay, you’ll earn a solid supply of Atoms to spend in the cosmetic shop as well. While individual item prices can be pretty steep, the steady flow of free rewards means few players feel truly nickel-and-dimed. So don’t sweat the monetization too much.

The Final Verdict

The key thing is, that Fallout 76 has shaped up to become the complete package for Wasteland lovers in 2024. You get your favorite open-world RPG gameplay infused with an online twist. You get intense solo and multiplayer challenges to sink your teeth into. You get a shockingly innovative and creative community centered around expression and freedom. What’s not to love?

So quit stalling in the Vaults and take the plunge into post-apocalyptic Appalachia already. You are ready to conquer after checking out this Fallout 76 review. Just make sure you’ve got some RadAway and a trusty weapon at the ready – even in 2024, the irradiated Wasteland hasn’t exactly “gone soft.” I’ll see you out there in the glowing, mutant-infested ruins!


  • Vastly improved from the buggy launch with great storytelling and human NPCs
  • Option to play solo or co-op with friends
  • Fair monetization model with steady free rewards
  • Excellent endgame content like raids, events, loot grind
  • Still some lingering glitches and typical Bethesda jank
  • Cosmetic item pricing in the shop can be steep
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