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Genshin Impact Arlecchino Build: Ultimate Guide 2024

Arlecchino, also known as “The Knave,” is a highly anticipated 5-star Pyro polearm user from the Fatui Harbingers, introduced in Genshin Impact’s Version 4.6. Her unique kit revolves around the “Bond of Life” mechanic, making her a formidable on-field DPS with a complex playstyle. In this ultimate Genshin Impact Arlecchino build guide, we’ll dive into the best ways to gear, artifact, and utilize this powerful electro character, maximizing her damage output and survivability in combat.

Arlecchino’s Gameplay Overview

Arlecchino’s Normal Attacks deal Pyro damage and gain a significant damage boost when she has a “Bond of Life” equal to or greater than 30% of her Max HP. This “Bond of Life” is essentially “healing debt,” where any healing she receives reduces the bond instead of restoring her health. Her Elemental Skill and Charged Attacks can generate and consume these bonds, amplifying her damage and resetting cooldowns.

Best Weapons for Arlecchino

Arlecchino’s signature weapon, Crimson Moon’s Semblance, is the perfect choice, granting her a Bond of Life upon Charged Attacks and providing substantial damage bonuses based on her Bond of Life percentage. If you don’t have her signature weapon, other great options include:

    • Staff of Homa
    • Primordial Jade-Winged Spear
    • Deathmatch (Refinement 5)
    • Dragon’s Bane

Best Artifacts for Arlecchino

The new “Fragment of Harmonic Whimsy” artifact set, introduced alongside Arlecchino, is tailor-made for her playstyle. The 4-piece set grants a 18% damage boost whenever her Bond of Life changes, stacking up to three times. Alternatively, the classic “Gladiator’s Finale” set, which increases Normal Attack damage, is a resin-efficient option.

For main stats, prioritize ATK%, Pyro DMG%, and CRIT Rate/DMG. Substats should focus on CRIT Rate/DMG, ATK%, and Energy Recharge (if needed for more Burst uptime).

Best Teams for Arlecchino

Arlecchino’s teams often include a shielder (like Zhongli or Layla) to protect her from interruption, as she cannot be healed while on the field. Her best teams revolve around elemental reactions like Vaporize, Melt, or Overload:

    • Vaporize Team: Arlecchino, Xingqiu/Yelan, Bennett, Zhongli
    • Melt Team: Arlecchino, Kaeya/Rosaria/Layla, Anemo support, Bennett
    • Overload Team: Arlecchino, Raiden Shogun/Fischl, Chevreuse, Thoma

Arlecchino’s Ascension Materials

To ascend Arlecchino to level 90, you’ll need various materials, including:

    • Agnidus Agate (found from Pyro enemies)
    • Fatui Insignias (dropped by Fatui enemies)
    • Rainbow Rose (a local specialty from Fontaine)
    • Fragment of a Golden Melody (dropped by the Legatus Golem boss)
    • Mora

For talent upgrades, you’ll need additional materials like Scrolls of Order (found in the Pale Forgotten Glory domain) and a unique boss material from the “The Knave Challenge.”

With the optimal Genshin Impact Arlecchino build, team composition, and ascension materials, Arlecchino can become an unstoppable force on the battlefield. Unleash her full potential and enjoy mastering her unique electro playstyle in Genshin Impact!


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