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All The Best Genshin Impact Teams for 2024

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In Genshin Impact, the character pool is brimming with captivating individuals you can recruit to fill up your team. However, with plenty of characters to choose from, finding the perfect team can be a struggle. If you’re having a hard time coming up with a great comp, you might want to consider the teams listed below. Discover the best Genshin Impact team compositions and why you should choose them.

National Team –  4-star only best Genshin Impact Teams

Genshin Impact, as we know, mainly revolves around spending hours completing quests and engaging in high-octane combat to acquire intertwined fates or primogems. In exchange for these, you can obtain a five-star character who can potentially make up the best team you could ever have. But did you know that you can assemble a team composed solely of four-star characters, which can be just as effective as other meta teams?

Best Genshin Impact Teams National Team

The National Team is an infamous team composition that has been around since the early stages of the game. Initially, it comprised Xiangling, Xingqiu, Bennett, and Chongyun. However, new variants soon emerged, replacing Chongyun with Sucrose, Fischl, Kazuha, and Raiden Shogun.

While the individual damage output of each member may not rival that of most five-star characters, combining all three or four of them unleashes devastating effects upon enemies. With three elements at their disposal, the team can strategically trigger powerful elemental reactions one after another, thereby enhancing their abilities or inflicting significantly more damage. Ultimately, Bennett serves as both a healer and a damage buffer, ensuring that the team can deal high damage while maintaining survivability.

The best part of using one of the best Genshin Impact teams is that, the National Team is easy to pull off as 4-star characters and constellations are easier to acquire.

Genshin Impact International Team

If you’ve been playing the game for quite some time, there’s a high chance you’ve already encountered the International Team. Similar to the National Team, the International Team is slightly altered. It comprises Tartaglia, Kazuha, Xiangling, and Bennett. On the field, they primarily utilize the Vaporize reaction and Kazuha’s swirls to clear even the toughest floors of the Abyss.

International Team Best Genshin Impact Teams

In this particular team composition, Tartaglia, also known as Childe, takes on the role of the on-field Hydro DPS and enabler, while Xiangling serves as the off-field Pyro DPS. Together, their attacks synergize to trigger Vaporize and Reverse Vaporize reactions, dealing devastating damage simultaneously. Kazuha and Bennett fulfill the supporting roles, with Kazuha serving as an enabler, buffer, and a source of crowd control, while Bennett acts as the healer and additional buffer. With two Pyro characters in the team, the Pyro resonance provides a significant ATK buff, enhancing overall damage output.

Dendro Best Genshin Impact Teams – Hyperbloom

New Dendro reactions chimed into the game, at the same time Sumeru arrived and it proceeded to shake up the whole meta. One of these includes the Hyperbloom. In order to pull off a Hyperbloom team, Dendro cores must be created and one will need any electro attack to trigger Hyperbloom, which turns each core into sprawling shots, dealing dendro damage to an enemy. Having that said, one needs to have at least one Hydro, Dendro and Electro to form the team.

Hyperbloom Best Genshin Impact Teams

Unlike any other teams in the game, you can ignore crit values as all you have to do when using a Hyperbloom team is to make sure that your Electro character or trigger is at maximum level, and has around 750+ Elemental Mastery. As for the characters you can use, fret not as currently there are plenty of options for all elements involved. For the team, we recommend the following characters.

Electro: Raiden Shogun, Yae Miko, Kuki Shinobui, Cyno, Lisa
Dendro: Nahida, Alhaitham, Dendro MC, Baizhu, Collei, Yaoyao, Tighnari
Hydro: Ayato, Kokomi, Neuvillette, Yelan, Barbara, Xingqiu

Ayaka Freeze Teams

Freeze may not be able to double your damage, but using it can be pretty convenient and satisfying. Freeze occurs when the elements Hydro and Cryo react, and when it does all enemies affected will not be able to move temporarily.

Best Genshin Impact Teams Freeze

In the Ayaka freeze team composition, one must include a Hydro character while the rest can either be another cryo or anemo. The combination of the characters of these elements can maintain the uptime of the freeze reaction. While it does not double the damage of your DPS, being able to fight against frozen enemies who cannot fight back is a huge advantage. This also means that the enemies won’t move that much allowing you to hit your abilities much easier.

Of course, some of the large enemies cannot be frozen, so keep this in mind.

Hutao Double Hydro Team

Hutao, without a doubt, has been the reigning queen of Pyro ever since her release. And it does seem that the addition of broken Fontaine DPS characters such as Neuvillette is not enough to kick her out of the top of the meta. That is all thanks to Hutao’s ability to dish out consistent damage with charged attacks, followed by a massive nuke that she can land through her burst.

Hutao vape Best Genshin Impact Teams

Now if you want to unleash the best out of Hutao, consider running the Hutao Double Hydro Team. This team consists of the Pyro hypercarry herself, and two reliable off-field Hydro applicators; Yelan and Xingqiu. For the final slot, it can be given to either Zhongli which provides a shield to prevent the team from dying and getting their attacks interrupted. Alternatively, the team can make use of Anemo support such as Kazuha which will drastically ramp up Hutao’s damage.

The team heavily relies on the vaporize reaction, which allows Hutao to inflict twice the damage.

Best Genshin Impact Teams Alhaitham Quicken

Apart from Hyperbloom, Quicken is a reaction that is worth keeping an eye on. Quicken takes place when Electro is applied to an enemy affected by Dendro, and vice versa. Now, when an enemy is affected by Quicken, the next Electro or Dendro attacks that you will deal, will inflict much more damage through the Aggravate or Spread reaction, respectively.

Best Genshin Impact Teams Alhaitham quicken

As for the Quicken team, Alhaitham arguably is the best candidate, thanks to his incredible EM scaling, and consistent dendro damage. In this comp, you can include Dendro and Electro characters who is capable of dealing damage without taking the field such as Nahida and Raiden Shogun. Finally, you can include Kuki Shinobu, who as well can apply Electro damage and at the same time become the healer of the team. With these individuals on your team, you’ll certainly not have a hard time maintaining the uptime of Quicken, Spread and Aggravate.

That’s all you need to know about all the Best Genshin Impact teams in the game. If this helped, you may also consider checking out our Genshin Impact codes article!

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