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Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth – Best BEGINNER Tips and Tricks

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is the latest sprawling RPG adventure in Sega’s acclaimed Yakuza franchise. With a huge city to explore, tons of minigames, and deep RPG battle mechanics, beginners have a lot to take in. This guide collects the top tips and tricks for getting started in Infinite Wealth to ease the learning curve. Follow these pointers and you’ll be an expert yakuza managing your clan and dominating fights in no time!

Money Making and Gear Tips

  • When first starting out in the early chapters, focus on scavenging briefcases, trash cans, and vending machines for valuable plates to sell. 
  • Briefcases and vending machines offer the most cash. 
  • Save rare weapon crafting items for now. 
  • Prioritize buying better weapons over armor — Kasuga’s health is most vital. 
  • Play minigames like Crazy Delivery as soon as possible to earn tokens for the best equipment available that early.  

Combat and Bond Tips  

  • Utilize positioning in fights to execute attack combos between characters. 
  • Upgrade weapons frequently to increase damage. 
  • Check enemy weaknesses like grab attacks doing extra damage. 
  • Cook healing dishes often to recover health/mana during battles. 
  • Learn perfect guard timing to reduce damage taken. 
  • Purchase gifts for party members to quickly improve bonds for better assists. 
  • Run from unnecessary fights to conserve health.

Grinding Tips

  • Grind XP at locations offering free healing like the homeless encampment. 
  • Take advantage of level ups fully restoring health/mana to maximize grinding efficiency. 
  • Switch to slo-mo combat speed setting for an easier experience. 
  • Disable QTEs if struggling with timed button prompts.  

Exploration Tips

  • Ride around on your free Segway scooter when first exploring to rapidly unlock taxi fast travel points. But also walk sometimes to find random items and ingredients on the ground. 
  • Approach shiny highlighted objects to score goods. 
  • Resist constantly fast traveling to save money and encounter more items.  

Progression Tips 

  • Check tutorials thoroughly to understand the many systems. 
  • Sell valuable scavenged plates and ingredients at pawn shops for fast money. 
  • Cook dishes for buffs like increased money or item drop rate. 
  • Keep bonding with party members for assistance skills via conversations.
  • Upgrade skills by placing members with key abilities into related jobs.

Battle Tips

  • Exploit enemy weaknesses like vulnerabilities to certain attack types. 
  • Adjust party positioning to trigger combo attacks on the same foes. 
  • Heal with cooked dishes instead of buying expensive healing items. 
  • Attempt perfect guard timing to reduce damage taken. 
  • Analyze the field to use surroundings — like throwing enemies into walls or traps.

The key to becoming a master yakuza is money, power, and loyalty. Follow these Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth tips to quickly earn cash, gear up your clan, learn combat systems, explore efficiently, and build bonds. Soon you’ll be ruling the streets of Yokohama and mastering Infinite Wealth’s many challenges with authority. Just stay humble and help common folk along the way — that’s the yakuza way after all.

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