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How to Master Stealth in Baldur’s Gate 3: PRO Guide

Ever feel like bashing everything just isn’t your style? Perhaps you simply want to kill enemies without them realizing you were there? Then, fellow adventurer, welcome to the world of stealth in Baldur’s Gate 3

Embracing the Shadows: Why Stealth Matters

Stealth is a key element of gameplay in this epic quest. It gives players a tactical advantage by avoiding detection and facilitating ambushes.

Entering Stealth Mode: The First Step

Choose your character out of the left of the screen to begin stealth mode. Then hold down the ‘C’ key on your keyboard.

Your character will now move in a crouched position, indicating stealth mode. To exit stealth mode, press ‘C’ again.

Stealthing with Your Entire Party: Safety in Numbers

Want your entire party to sneak around together? No problem! Hold down the Shift key, then press ‘C’ on your keyboard. This will put all your party members in a stealthy, crouched position.

Understanding the Stealth Field of View: Stay Alert

Once in stealth mode, keep an eye out for red highlighted areas on the ground. These indicate the enemy NPCs’ field of view and the direction they’re looking. 

Be cautious, as these red patches can move if the enemies change position.

Choosing the Right Class and Race: Born to Be Stealthy

To truly excel at stealth, consider selecting a character class like a Rogue or Ranger. These classes are natural at sneaking around. Additionally, Bards and Monks can also select Stealth as a class skill. 

When it comes to races, Wood Elves, Lightfoot Halflings, Deep Gnomes, and Duergar are excellent choices due to their stealth-focused bonuses.

Ranged Attacks and Spells: Strike from Afar

There’s always the possibility of being seen while sneaking up on someone. Instead, hit enemies with ranged attacks or spells from afar.

Rogues, Rangers, and even spellcasters can benefit from this approach, allowing them to position themselves better on the battlefield without risking being too close to multiple opponents.

Stealth-Enhancing Equipment and Spells: Gear Up for Success

Don’t underestimate stealth-enhancing equipment and spells. Spells that alter your visibility (such as Invisibility along with Greater Invisibility) could save your life whenever you would like to sneak around undetected.

Teleportation abilities can also be useful for avoiding enemy lines of sight. Additionally, keep an eye out for rings, necklaces, or weapons that can boost your stealth capabilities.

Mastering Stealth in Combat: The Silent Assassin

Stealth is not simply for exploring; it is also helpful in combat. it is also a potent weapon in battle. For example, Rogues can benefit from their Sneak Attack ability, which deals damage when slain from stealth.

When a character is overwhelmed or low on health, use the Hide action to disengage and you may just win some enemy aggro.

Stealing and Pickpocketing: The Ultimate Test of Stealth

In Baldur’s Gate 3 stealth is vital for pickpocketing and thievery. If you want to steal or pickpocket someone, use a character with high Dexterity and Slight of Hand skill (a Rogue or Bard).

Embrace the Shadows, Conquer the World

Baldur's Gate 3 Screenshot Halsin Whittling

If you learn stealth in Baldur’s Gate 3 then you can truly take advantage of your opponents. Whether you’re ambushing targets, staying away from unnecessary fights, or committing a little low-key theft – stealth could be a useful tool in your arsenal.

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