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How to Play Like TenZ in Valorant: PRO Guide

Want to up your Valorant game and become an unstoppable force? Look no further! With these pro tips and tricks from TenZ, you’ll be outsmarting opponents in no time.

Here’s how to bring out the TenZ in your Valorant playstyle:

Become a Student of the Game

Spy on the Pros: Watch how TenZ and other pros strategize. How do they use their abilities? When do they push or hold? Soak up their knowledge and adapt it to your own gameplay.

Study Different Playstyles: Observe how different agents are played. Learn what roles each agent excels at and how they contribute to the team’s overall strategy.

Adapt and Overcome: No strategy is foolproof. Be prepared to adjust your approach based on the enemy team composition, map layout, and how the round unfolds.

Sharpen Your Aim

Practice Makes Perfect: Dedicate time to training in the Range. Use bots to practice spray control, flick shots, and burst fire. Aim trainers can also help isolate and improve specific aiming skills.

Crosshair Placement is Key: Always keep your crosshair at head level in areas where enemies might appear. This reduces reaction time and increases the chance of landing that crucial headshot.

Find Your Perfect Sensitivity: A comfortable sensitivity allows for precise aiming without sacrificing quick movements. Experiment in the Range to find the sweet spot.

Mastermind Your Abilities

Learn Every Agent Inside and Out: While you might main a specific agent, understanding all abilities equips you to anticipate enemy plays and counter them effectively.

Think Outside the Box: Don’t be afraid to get creative! Use your abilities in unexpected ways to catch opponents off guard. Watch pro players for inspiration and experiment in practice matches.

Synergy is Key: Learn how to combo your abilities with your teammates’ abilities. This creates powerful openings and helps secure kills or control space.

Become an Angle Assassin

Learn the Maps: Knowing the layout of each map is crucial. Identify common hiding spots and pre-aiming locations used by enemies.

Master the Art of Off-Angles: Don’t just peek at corners predictably. Utilize off-angles and unexpected positions to surprise and eliminate enemies who might be pre-aiming common spots.

Use Cover to Your Advantage: Don’t be a sitting duck! Use cover to peek, shoot, and retreat before getting caught in the open.

Dominate the Mental Game

Keep It Positive: Tip after a poor round; don’t tilt. Keep your spirit high and concentrate on the next opportunity to help your team succeed.

Examine Your Mistakes: After each match, reflect on your performance. Identify areas of weakness and make improvements in training and future games.

Take Breaks: And just like TenZ, even the pros need breaks. Burning out will not make you better. Take breaks to avoid burnout and return to the game feeling refueled and focused.

With these hacks and tricks, you will be a Valorant to be reckoned with. But as the saying goes, practice makes perfect, so keep grinding and you’ll be slaying enemies like TenZ in no time!

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