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Did Choso Die in The Latest Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter?

In the intense Jujutsu Kaisen manga, major characters have been dying one by one at the hands of ruthless villains. The latest chapter 259 was no exception, with a beloved fan-favorite making the ultimate sacrifice. Spoiler alert–Choso dies while protecting his little brother Yuji Itadori from Sukuna’s devastating Divine Flames attack in the latest Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter.

A Flashback and Revelation

The chapter begins with a flashback showing Choso struggling to teach Yuji the Blood Manipulation technique himself. He relents to let the more skilled Noritoshi Kamo take over Yuji’s training instead. We also learn that the second person Yuji swapped souls with was Yuta Okkotsu, using Ui Ui technique.

Sukuna Unleashes Divine Flames

The main action kicks off as Sukuna, the King of Curses, unleashes his most powerful ability – the Divine Flames. This cursed technique can only be accessed after completing the incantations for Sukuna’s Dismantle and Cleave attacks first. An explanation is given that these Divine Flames cause decompression and overpressure, killing every living being inside Sukuna’s domain.  

There’s even a brief glimpse of Gojo, showing him fighting Sukuna previously. To keep up with Gojo’s prowess, Sukuna had to constantly modify the conditions of his Malevolent Shrine domain, preventing him from unleashing the full Divine Flames at that time.

Choso’s Ultimate Act of Bravery

Cutting back to the present bloody showdown in Shinjuku, Sukuna finally gets to demonstrate the catastrophic Divine Flames, aiming them directly at Yuji. With little time to react, Choso makes a split-second decision to save his younger brother. He creates a special Blood Barrier around Yuji, shielding him from the deadly flames.

However, this noble act comes at a tragic cost – Choso himself cannot withstand the intensity of Sukuna’s attack. The Divine Flames utterly consume and incinerate Choso, burning him into ashes.

A Heartbreaking Farewell 

As he lays dying, Choso transports himself and Yuji into their imaginary soul world for some final words. It’s a heartbreaking scene as Choso compliments how quickly Yuji has learned powerful techniques like Reverse Cursed Energy. He thanks Yuji for becoming a real brother to him. A distraught Yuji begs Choso not to leave him alone again. Choso can only apologize before departing to reunite with Eso and Kechizu.

Renewed Hope After Tragedy

Back in reality, Yuji is left devastated by Choso’s death, losing all hope for defeating Sukuna. The area around him is consumed by the Divine Flames, unable to find any other survivors. Just when it seems darkest, Aoi Todo shockingly reappears on the battlefield for the first time since the Shibuya Incident arc.

The chapter ends on a cliffhanger with Todo and Yuji preparing to take on Sukuna together, invigorated by Choso’s sacrifice to stop the King of Curses’ Divine Flames. While fans mourn Choso’s tragic demise, his final act of protecting his little brother has paved the way for Yuji to have another chance at victory.

A Heroic Sendoff for Choso

The gritty, unrelenting storytelling of Jujutsu Kaisen has once again left readers reeling from an impactful character death. Choso went out in an unbelievably heroic fashion, embodying the role of the protective big brother. His Blood Barrier feat contained even Sukuna’s ultimate attack for a moment.

Despite being deemed weaker than Yuji by Noritoshi, Choso proved his strength came from his unwavering heart when it mattered most. He chose to sacrifice everything to give Yuji the best possible chance at taking down Sukuna once and for all.

An Emotional Burden for Yuji

Witnessing Choso’s agonizing final moments and farewells adds extra emotional weight for Yuji and readers alike heading into the inevitable climactic fight versus the King of Curses. Much is owed to Choso’s brave actions for making this endgame scenario possible. Yuji now carries the solemn responsibility of honoring his beloved big brother’s memory by finishing what he started.  

A Chapter That Will Go Down in History

The Shinjuku Showdown arc has been filled with unrelenting intensity, vivid action, and high stakes. But Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 259 may go down as one of the most impactful and heartbreaking chapters yet because of Choso’s tear-jerking death scene. Fans are undoubtedly still reeling but also eager to see if Yuji and Todo can capitalize on Choso’s sacrifice, which leads to his death, to finally take down the terrifying Sukuna once and for all.

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