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Marvel’s Spider Man 2 PS5: Tips and Tricks for BEGINNERS

Marvel’s Spider Man 2 has clearly been one of the franchise’s strongest games yet and it’s gotten millions of gamers hooked. It’s an open-world game so this means that sometimes, you’re on your own. There’s so much to explore and do that might it just become overwhelming for newbie players. So with that, here are Tips and Tricks for Beginner Players of Marvel’s Spider Man 2 in PS5.

How to search for the Spider Bots

First off, you need to learn how to search for the Spider Bots. Spider Bots are collectibles inside the game. You usually randomly encounter them while you’re traversing the map. However, if you want to collect every single one you really have to search for them one by one by going through each area and city block. They’ll show up as pink spiders on the mini map so look out for that. However, I do suggest you should save it for last as some things are more important than them and you’ll find a few by coincidence anyway.

How to parry and dodge properly

Fights in this game are very dynamic and fast-paced so here’s a Spider Man 2 tip when it comes to parrying and dodging. The main difference between dodge and parry is that in dodge, you basically avoid the entire attack while in parry, you hit it with another attack yourself. Range attacks should mostly be dodged while melee attacks should be parried. It’ll show up as a white ring and then as a red ring and that should be an indication that you could dodge or parry it. Yellow warnings must only be parried while blue means you can only dodge it.

Prioritize the Shared Spider-Man Ability Tree

Another thing that you might have noticed in Marvel’s Spider Man 2 is that there are three different skill trees in the game itself: the Shared Skill Tree, Peter Parker, and then Miles Morales. It’s highly recommended that you invest in the Shared Skill Tree because as you progress through the game, you’ll always be switching between Peter and Miles. It actually makes a lot of sense and it even contains improvements for your fighting abilities along with some focus on speed when it comes to traversing the map. You want to focus again on Parry, Loop de Loop, and then try to get Peter’s Symbiote Ability Tree.

Invest in Damage Upgrades

We mentioned that you can increase your combat abilities through the Shared Skill Tree and yes, you really need to invest in damage upgrades. This is because, especially in the later parts of the game, the enemies are much tankier. To counter this gradual increase in your opponent’s health, you have to upgrade your Suit Tech’s damage. Another benefit it brings is that you won’t have to rely on trapping them on walls with your webs or mastering takedowns.

Practice Air Combat

While we’re on the topic of fighting, one style that you need to try and get some practice on is Air Combat. This was true for even the previous Marvel’s Spider Man games. In the Suit Tech Tree, you can increase your mid-air damage. Another thing is that when your enemies are in the air they can’t hit back. However, air combat is also important when you encounter ranged enemies, hunter drones, and more. It might feel complicated and hard at first but with a little bit of determination, you can become a master at it.

Do Side Quests To Gain Currency

There are three main currencies within the game. They are tech parts, city tokens, and hero tokens. You might be surprised that finding these takes time, especially for the city and hero tokens. These currencies are also important when it comes to modifying your suit and upgrading gadgets. Don’t invest every second of your time on side quests but don’t forget about them either.

Don’t rush it

The last and perhaps the most important tip for Spider Man 2 is that you shouldn’t rush it. Take your time, enjoy the scenery, and make it a relaxing experience. Marvel’s Spider Man 2 has a lot of content and it can’t be finished in a matter of hours. Focus on trying to have fun and worry less. That’s one trick you never have to forget especially if you want to have the Platinum Trophy.

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