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Guide to Most Versatile Support Heroes in Dota 2 – Patch 7.35b

Dota 2 support heroes

Not so long ago, everyone wanted to farm either heroes or creeps in Dota 2. Playing support used to be a chore, especially as position 5. But things have changed. IceFrog made it better, giving supports more ways to earn gold without sacrificing their utility.

And what better way to win a game than babysitting your carry and making space – that’s right. You can do all that now with a position 5 and still get rewarded with gold to buy items.

However, not all supports are HOT right now; some of them are nerfed to the ground. Therefore, we made a list of the best support Heroes in Dota 2 in the patch 7.35b

Responsible Role – Supporting with Style

It’s a known fact that support is the most important role at the beginning of the game. They are babysitting their carry player, making it easy for them to farm creeps. And, in the mid to late game, supports are often dying to make space for their carries again.

Also, some supports are good at dealing with damage early on, usually magic damage. So, it’s often possible for support to have a great game early on and transition into a beast in the late game.

So, which heroes are now fitting this role perfectly?

Let’s see:

1. Witch Doctor – Someone Call De Doctor?

Witch Doctor dota 2

Witch Doctor, a standout support hero in Dota 2 since patch 7.34, remains a top pick despite a decent nerf on his abilities. His Death Ward ultimate deals pure damage, making it effective at any game stage. During the laning phase, he can heal allies and disrupt enemies with Paralyzing Cask.

On the other hand, Maledict, often overlooked, inflicts damage based on the target’s lost HP, proving deadly when used strategically. All this makes DR a solid hero that aligns with the meta right now.

Popular items for Witch Doctor include Arcane Boots, Aghanim’s Scepter, Glimmer Cape, and Aether Lens.

Pro tip: Unleash Death Ward from a safe distance, preferably from a hidden spot, ensuring maximum impact in fights.

2. Jakiro – With Ice and Fire!

Jakiro dota 2

Jakiro, a strong force in Dota 2’s 7.35b patch, excels at applying early-game pressure and damaging tier 1 towers within the first 5-7 minutes of play. Despite receiving some nerfs, Jakiro remains a top-tier hero due to his ability to harass enemies from a safe distance, making him an unwelcome opponent for offlaners and carries in the initial minutes of the game.

His Liquid Fire ability is a great harassing tool, slowing attack speed and dealing burn damage to both heroes and towers. When combined with Dual Breath, which inflicts damage and slows both movement and attack speed, Jakiro becomes a laning phase dread, especially against melee heroes like Centaur, Dark Seer, or Timber.

Ice Path adds crowd control to Jakiro’s already versatile combo of spells, providing a long-range stun that can trap multiple heroes. Meanwhile, his ultimate, Macropyre, boasts solid potential, dealing damage over a wide area. Even though his ultimate is not that strong, it’s great in combination with other heroes that can control enemies, such as Void, Earthshaker, Tidehunter, and Mars.

Boots, Force Staff, and Aether Lens are Jakiro’s recommended items, further increasing mobility and casting range for maximum impact in team engagements.

Pro tip: Don’t hesitate to be in the front line with Jakiro, this hero is strong and can soak a lot of damage.

3. Vengeful Spirit – Vengeance is My Mistress

Vengeful spirit dota 2

What better wy to help your teammates than die? Really, will dying help them? Of course, it will, but only if you’re a Vengeful Spirit. This hero stands out as a top-tier support, offering a versatile toolkit that can control fights, especially in the 7.35b patch. With an impressive cast range of 800 – 1100, Vengeful Spirit is great at initiating fights. This makes it hard for enemies to position.

Her ultimate, Nether Swap, not only repositions foes but also deals damage (150 – 450), making it challenging for targets to escape, especially those reliant on blink abilities. With a favorable cooldown of 50 – 30 seconds, Venge can consistently engage throughout the mid-game. Most importantly, she transitions well in the late game as well.

Vengeance Aura grants a significant 10 – 25% bonus damage to allies within a 1200 radius. This is perfect for heroes like Earthshaker, Phantom Assassin, or Sven. Wave of Terror, another valuable ability, deals damage, reduces armor, and crucially lowers attack damage.

Her reliable single-target stun, coupled with moderate damage (90 – 360) and duration (1.4 – 1.7 seconds), adds further crowd control. Most importantly, Vengeful Spirit remains effective without major item dependencies. This hero is an accessible yet potent support choice for players eager to impact the game.

Pro tip: Always give your life to save others; you’re position 5. Even better, if you cast all your spells, go and die.

4. Warlock – You Summon the Summoner?

Warlock dota 2

Warlock is a hero that requires skill and practice, but it’s all worth it in the end. This hero shines in Dota 2’s 7.35b patch as a top support hero with strong team-fighting abilities. His ultimate, Chaotic Offering, summons a tough Golem that deals massive pure damage. This guy is great for controlling fights, but he does have a slight downfall, the cooldown on his ulty.

Fatal Bonds is a game-changer – that’s a fact! Linking up to 6 enemies, causing them to share damage suffered by others. This means enemies are cursed for 19 to 25 seconds, amplifying damage throughout the fight. Warlock pairs well with heroes like Zeus or Leshrac, maximizing their AoE damage.

During the laning phase, Shadow Word provides versatile healing or damage over 10 seconds, with a manageable 14-second cooldown. It’s a handy tool for early engagements. But, it’s often used to heal, not to deal damage.

Warlock’s Upheaval is a great control ability, slowing enemy movement speed by up to 55 – 100% within its 650-unit radius at level 4. This makes escape difficult in team fights. However, it’s easily stopped because this is a channeling ability.

For Warlock players, grabbing Aghanim’s Scepter is crucial for overall effectiveness.

Pro tip: When you see the fight is going to happen, stay behind, cast all spells, and then run away with the hero while controlling the Golem.

Enchantress – Light of Foot, Light of Heart!

Enchantress dota 2

Remember Bambi story when you were a kid – In this story, Bambi is a tiny little deer with love for everyone. Well, the same is in Dota 2, but with one big difference. Bambi in Dota is deadly! That’s why the Enchantress, also known as the Bambi, is the perfect hero for someone looking to get their hands dirty. This hero is not for newbies, it’s for players that understand how the game works.

Her first ability, Impetus, deals massive damage, no matter the stage of the game. She will throw a spear at you, and the further it travels, the harder it hits. With the distance as damage of 5%/10%/15%/20% at all levels, this hero simply nails it! This is a great ability to harass offlaners or even carries in the early game.

On top of that, the Enchant ability simply makes her enemy’s life even harder. Either it slows, or it controls. Hereos are affected by the slowness of 30%/40%/50%/60% movement speed. If cast on creeps, Enchant can control them for over 120 seconds.

This hero also has a great landing ability Nature’s Attendants, a healing spell that can heal both you and enemies over time. It’s perfect for staying on a lane for a long period of time. Her ultimate is a passive ability, but it rocks hard. Namely, she goes by the saying ”Can’t hit that”. The Untouchable ability makes it harder for anyone to hit Ench with the attack speed slow of 100/150/200.

Now, for items, this hero can transition hard into the late game as a damage dealer. That’s why it’s a good idea to buy Force Stuff and Power Treads. Later on, you can upgrade to Hurricane Pike and deal massive damage.

Pro tip: Run at your enemies first; they can’t touch you.


With everything said above, the 7.35b patch in Dota brought a lot of changes, but some things remained the same. Some of these heroes, like Ench and Venge, were already pretty hard to deal with in the latest patch, but now, they are even better. Heroes like Jakiro and Witch Doctor are also great, they have abilities to control fights and make enemies fear them.

So, what’s the best support in this patch? This question remains unanswered as it depends on the playstyle and the draft. For example, if you choose to go with Void on the safe lane, it’s normal to pick Witch Doctor or Jakiro; you don’t need Enchantress here. However, if you play against Void, Venge would be the perfect pick.

All in all, play your game, make it fun, make it count! Choose what you think is best, and stick to it!

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