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Fortnite X Star Wars “May the 4th” Update Coming in Early!

Fortnite collaborations have been at their peak since the start of this year. With new modes such as LEGO arriving, players can expect collaborations beyond the Battle Royale island as well. Hence, as expected, LEGO x Star Wars is hitting the servers soon! The update is expected to arrive on the 3rd of May at 1 AM PT. As usual, the servers will be offline while the update is rolled out. How long players will have to wait is yet to be determined. Meanwhile, let’s jump into what we can expect in the upcoming update.

Fortnite LEGO x Star Wars Update to Include a Rebel Update?

Custom Fortnite Star Wars skins are expected to arrive in the store once the update is live. Exclusive content dropping on Fortnite island includes playing as Rebels, building and defending a Rebel village from the “Empire.”  Crafting benches throughout the island will feature new crafting upgrades, allowing players to craft Lightsabers, E-11 Blasters, and Thermal Detonators.

Hardcore Star Wars fans can also purchase building sets using their V-Bucks to add a custom theme to the island. In fact, a LEGO Pass will be available in the store, and players will be able to grind levels for Star Wars-related rewards. Custom LEGO builds and a Chewbacca outfit are the highlights of the LEGO Pass.

The LEGO Pass is set to be priced at 1400 V-Bucks, which is a decent price considering the items in it. Chewbacca can be rescued from the Empire in this new update as part of a new mini storyline included in the LEGO mode. Once players rescue Chewbacca, they gain access to the “Wookie Bowcaster,” a new Star Wars-related, overpowered weapon. To be honest, these new leaks regarding the Fortnite LEGO x Star Wars collaboration have brought in a ton of new content to a stale “LEGO” mode. Hopefully, this new Star Wars excitement kicks off LEGO Fortnite again.

Darth Vader and lightsabers are coming back into the Battle Royale weapons mix.

Fortnite’s build/no-build Battle Royale mode is also getting a major content update. Players can battle it out with Darth to get access to his special lightsaber. The lightsaber will be able to dodge shots like it previously did in the past years. It’s an annoying situation to be in while the lightsabers are in action, but hopefully, a feasible cooldown is added to the chaos. The special set of Battle Royale quests is set to launch in two phases. 

The first set of tasks will be available on the update release day, and the rest will be available on May 7th. Players have time until May 14th to complete all the tasks and claim their rewards. Also, a new Dagobah Luke skin will hit the stores on May 4th. Star Wars fans should be excited for this update, as plenty of Star Wars content is set to launch on May 3rd, instead of the expected May 4th drop date. Keep following Epic and Fortnite’s socials for any extra surprises that may occur this week.





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