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Why are Fortnite Split Screens Not Working? EXPLAINED

Hey Fortnite fans! Do you have that old split-screen mode problem? You aren’t alone. Some players have been wondering why their favorite couch co-op feature has gone missing. But worry not, because we are about to break down everything for you.

The Faulty Split Screen

So first, the bad news: Fortnite split-screen mode has been temporarily disabled by Epic Games. That’s right–that team-up feature that pairs you and your buddy up on the same screen is down. But before you begin to throw your controller in irritation, allow me to explain exactly why.

The split-screen mode was disabled because of a matchmaking issue that occurred following the v29.20 update on April 9, as per Epic Games’ statement. While we understand that updates can occasionally introduce glitches, this specific one seems to have caused significant disruption to the split-screen mode.

Patience is Key

It is frustrating not being able to play Fortnite the way you want to, especially if it calls for some good couch co-op time with all the family and siblings. But hey, the people at Epic Games are attempting to fix things as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile, try not to vent your frustrations on them (or your controllers, for that matter). Have some respect and patience for the individuals who brought us this incredible game in the very first place.

No Workarounds, Unfortunately

Sadly, there’s no magical workaround or quick fix that you can try to get the split-screen mode working again. Epic Games deliberately disabled the feature due to the matchmaking issue. The only option is for us to patiently await a patch from the developers to restore the split-screen glory.

But Don’t Worry, It’ll Be Back

It is a pity that a fan favorite has been taken out, but the split-screen mode is slated to return. Players value playing together, so Epic Games will likely restore split-screen mode soon.

Previously, in November 2022, the split-screen mode was disabled due to an unspecified issue but was later reinstated after being fixed.

So chin up, Fortnite fans! This split-screen drought isn’t over, and you might just get some good old couch co-op action again pretty soon.

In the Meantime, Solo It Up

While you wait for the split-screen mode to return, why not practice with your solo moves? It is not like having your bestie by your side, but it is a good excuse to work on your tactics, hone your building skills, and perhaps see new emotes or skins.

You could even attempt some of the harder challenges or discover parts of the map you haven’t seen before. Who knows? You might discover hidden gems that impress your Fortnite squad.

Stay Tuned and Stay Positive

That is it, Fortnite fans—the inside scoop on exactly why the split-screen is off and what you can (or should not) do about it. It can be frustrating; just remember, it’s just a setback.

Keep an eye on the FortniteStatus account for more news, and at the same time, enjoy the solo grind—or whatever you can do to enjoy the game. After all, Fortnite is about having fun, whether playing solo or co-op.

Who knows? Maybe when split-screen mode comes back, you’ll be an all-powerful force to be reckoned with—or at least have some laugh-fueled solo moments to tell.

So Fortnite fans, hang in there! The split-screen will reopen, and when it does, you can tackle Sanctuary side-by-side with your gaming pals.

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