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The New Fortnite Item ‘Business Turret’ Isn’t as Bad As You Think It Is!

In the latest update of Fortnite, the Business Turret has been added back into the game. This item did exist once upon a time in Chapter Two, and now it’s back; however, people have mixed opinions about it. Some players say that it adds no major game benefits and is basically a gimmicky item you can find on the island. Well, to be honest, I feel the opposite.

Business Turret Flaws

The Business Turret does barely any damage to opponents, and that is a major reason why players consider it pretty useless. It does 7 damage, and many say it’s not worth allocating a slot for it. If you expect the turret to take down enemies all the way from 250 HP to 0, then you are going to be heavily disappointed with the outcome. Also, when you see the turret in action taking shots at enemies, you might push that enemy thinking he’s really low. The sad truth is that he might have only lost his regenerative shield and nothing more. Straight up, do not expect kills with this turret unless you are taking shots as well.

Information is key!

Just like the recon NPCs in the game, turrets can be used for information gathering.Players haven’t realized the value a turret brings while it watches your back. When you are in a fight, especially in the final stages of the game, it’s highly likely that you will encounter 3rd-party engagements. This is where turrets come in super handy. You can now place a turret behind you and fully focus on the fight in front of you. While doing so, you should be aware of the fact that if the turret shoots, there is an enemy nearby; here’s when you would have to disengage and strategize how to play the game out.

Just that piece of information that there are players creeping next to you goes a long way, especially in the endgame. While looting buildings, you can strategically place the turret near the entrance door and ensure that it monitors any other enemies who might creep in. If you play the info game right, these devices can make big brain plays.

The Business Turret does have its limitations while watching your back. It can be outplayed by snipers from far away as it has a short vision area. It’s best used indoors when trying to play indoors. By instinct, you would use this turret to hold players who are looting the vaults, assuming they can trap them when they leave the vault. In my opinion, that’s a really bad strategy. Instead, use this turret while looting the vault to check flanks and other backstabbing enemies.

Stack the Business Turret and make sure you use it for information gathering rather than trying to damage your opponents. This one small tip will help you use this turret in the right way. Use this item to outplay your opponents. Make sure you think one step ahead of them. If they do get tagged by the turret, make sure you attack them from another route, rather than the obvious flank route. Think outside the box, and there are a ton of plays you can make with this new item added to Fortnite.


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