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The upcoming Valorant Mobile makes the PC edition look like a joke!

There has been a lot of hype regarding Valorant Mobile. Riot announced a mobile edition of the game years ago. Chinese content creators received early access. Tencent, now Riot’s owner develops AAA mobile games and have been dominating the mobile scene. With Tencent involved, the mobile launch looks stunning. They havent rushed into  the development of the game and focussed on the quality of the overall game.  Keep reading to discover what to expect from Valorant Mobile.

Better agent intros and custom MVP animations have been added!

From what has been shown so far, the agent intros are way more detailed than what we have seen on PC. Agents receive a detailed breakdown of their abilities and roles. Custom animations of every agent with tutorials demonstrate how their abilities work. When compared to mobile leaks, what we experience on PC right now is just a basic intro animation showcasing the agent. The menu and game animations have certainly undergone upgrades to a whole new level. Every detail, including ranks, has been polished and looks stunning.

New MVP animations have been introduced into the mix. All agents will now feature a custom outro showcasing their stats after the game. These animations were never even rumored to come into PC, making the mobile launch even more intriguing.

Custom Practice Range and Maps with AI Enemies in Valorant Mobile

The practicing options in Valorant PC were always deemed below standards. Many pro players resorted to other aim trainers due to the shortcomings of the practice range, prompting Riot to take action. From what has been leaked so far, Valorant Mobile’s practicing setups are what every player dreamed of. Riot has added more meta-based Valorant practice drills along with AI enemies as training bots. Custom maps now feature bots that can be placed anywhere on the map, allowing for more effective angle clearing drills, which helps everyone learn the map much faster.

Currently, players can only load into empty custom maps on PC, and that’s about it. The best-case scenario is hosting custom 1v1 matches to warm up. Valorant Mobile seems to address all of this by offering many practice options to players.Since players will be playing this 5v5 tactical shooter on phones, Riot anticipates that they will have access to the best possible training options.

What does this mean for PC users?

Clearly, everything we’ve seen so far suggests mobile is ahead of PC. The tricky part is Riot hasn’t announced official mobile release dates. For PC, there’s time to include these changes. Such a disparity between PC and mobile once Valorant Mobile launches wouldn’t make sense. PCs can handle more graphics and workload than mobile, so porting the game isn’t a big task for developers.

Tencent, a mobile company, wants to emphasize they take mobile development seriously. They plan to go all out from launch and get as many users as possible. Unlike PC, mobile devices are accessible to almost everyone, and Tencent prioritizes that aspect of gaming. No official release has been announced yet. Based on the gameplay footage so far, it seems the game will be released later this year.

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