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COMPLETE List of Valorant Teams for Masters Shanghai 2024

The international stage is now ready for Valorant Masters Shanghai 2024. The world’s best teams are preparing to take the international stage. This event will bring together the top contenders from all regions. They will vie for points towards the Valorant World Championship at the end of the season.

Masters Shanghai 2024: The Ultimate Valorant Showdown

After the successful conclusion of Masters Madrid, Masters Shanghai 2024 is the second international LAN event. It is part of the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) 2024 season. The competition looks even more fierce this time around. Four more teams are entering the fray. This makes it 12 squads altogether.

The Masters Shanghai format has been enlarged significantly, with each of the four VCT regions – Pacific, Americas, China and EMEA – sending their best three teams from the Stage 1 playoffs. These teams have exhibited their power in local competitions and are prepared to take the worldwide stage.

The Qualified Teams: A Showcase of Valorant’s Finest

Pacific Region

The top three finalists from the Pacific region have secured spots at Masters Shanghai. These finalists are from the VCT Stage 1 playoffs.

T1: The revamped T1 roster, featuring talents from North America, Indonesia, and Japan, has already made its mark, overcoming Gen.G Esports in a thrilling upset to claim their place at the event.

Paper Rex: The dynamic duo of Jinggg and the Paper Rex squad are back in full force, determined to clinch their first international trophy after coming tantalizingly close on multiple occasions.

Gen.G Esports: Despite a bumpy Stage 1 journey, Gen.G Esports’ sensational controller/duelist duo of Karon and t3xtture stepped up when it mattered most, securing the third and final spot from the Pacific region.

Americas Region

From the Americas, the top three finalists from the VCT Stage 1 playoffs have earned their places at Masters Shanghai:

G2 Esports: The reunion of trent, valyn, and jonahP, alongside the returning Leaf, has propelled G2 Esports to become the first Ascension team to qualify for an international event.

100 Thieves: Led by the trash-talking, world champion in-game leader Boostio, 100 Thieves’ star-studded lineup, featuring Asuna and Cryocells, is poised to make their mark on the international stage.

Leviatán: With a roster boasting players from across the Americas, including two world champions in Aspas and c0m, Leviatán is ready to replicate their global success at Masters Shanghai.

China Region

Representing the host nation, the top three finalists from the VCT China Stage 1 playoffs have earned their spots at Masters Shanghai:

EDward Gaming (EDG): The standard-bearers of Chinese Valorant, EDG, have qualified for their sixth straight international tournament, determined to improve upon their recent string of 5th/6th place finishes.

Funplus Phoenix (FPX): Despite their impressive domestic dominance, FPX is still seeking their first international victory, having failed to win a single match across three events last year.

Dragon Ranger: The winners of China Ascension 2023, Dragon Ranger, are living the ultimate path-to-pro dream, securing a spot at Masters in their home country in just their first year of the league.

EMEA Region

From the EMEA region, the top three finalists from the VCT Stage 1 playoffs have punched their tickets to Masters Shanghai:

Fnatic: Fnatic narrowly missed out on Masters Madrid. But they have rebounded strongly after that. They secured their spot at the international event. However, they have not quite replicated their nearly unbeatable form. 

Team Heretics: The youth movement of Team Heretics continues to pay dividends, with the young roster reaching their second straight international tournament after pushing veteran squads like Sentinels and Paper Rex to the limit at Masters Madrid.

FUT Esports: The Turkish superteam, FUT Esports, has finally delivered on their promise, securing their spot in Shanghai with decisive victories over top teams like Liquid, Karmine Corp, and Fnatic.

An Unforgettable Valorant Spectacle

With the qualified teams in place, Valorant fans around the world are eagerly anticipating the action at Masters Shanghai 2024. Every team brings their strengths and strategies to the table. This includes established powerhouses and rising stars. It will provide a Valorant experience not to be forgotten.

Fans can expect dramatic action during the tournament. They can also expect nerve-clashing moments. A host of new characters will join the Valorant esports family. This will happen over the course of the tournament.

Buckle up, because Masters Shanghai 2024 will be unlike any other. It will showcase the very best the competitive Valorant scene offers.

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