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COMPLETE Solo Leveling Redeem Code List and Guide

Solo Leveling Arise is the hot new action RPG game based on the popular webtoon/manhwa series. It lets you control the badass Hunter Sung Jin-Woo as he levels up from the weakest E-rank to become the legendary S-rank “Shadow Sovereign” by soloing all sorts of dangerous gates and missions.

While the core combat and progression loop is extremely satisfying, Solo Leveling Arise is still a free-to-play gacha game at heart. That means codes for free premium currency, summon tickets, enhancement materials and the like are essential for free-to-play players looking to strengthen their squad of Hunters.

Thankfully, Netmarble’s developers are constantly adding new Solo Leveling Arise codes to commemorate milestones and milestones. All types of free stuff is attainable so long as you know where you can look and the way to redeem them appropriately.

All Working Solo Leveling Codes

Here are all the active Solo Leveling Arise codes to redeem as of May 2024:

  • STAYSHARP – 25,000 Gold and 1 Gate Key
  • WORLD1STLEVELUP – 300 Essence Stones  
  • THXSLVARISETHX – 200,000 Gold
  • LETSGOKOREAGUILDS – 250 Essence Stones, 50,000 Gold
  • NENEARISE – 10 Enhancement Chip I, 50,000 Gold
  • SOLOLEVELING_0508 – 20 Enhancement Chip I

Those codes are a mix of premium gold, essence stones for leveling up characters, enhancement chips to upgrade gear, gate keys to run limited missions and draw tickets to pull for new hunters on banners. Not too shabby for just entering some codes!

How to Redeem Codes

Redeeming the codes is nice and straightforward:

    1. Open Solo Leveling Arise and tap the menu button to reveal the side panel
    2. Go to the “Options” tab 
    3. Click “Account Settings” on the left side
    4. Find the Redeem button and click it
    5. Type in any valid code from the list above
    6. Hit “Use” to confirm and claim the rewards

You can also redeem some codes through the official website:

    1. Go to the Netmarble redemption code site 
    2. Copy your member ID from the game account tab
    3. Paste it into the website along with a valid code
    4. The rewards appear the next time you sign in to the game.

That is all there’s to it! The rewards you’ve earned should arrive in your in-game mailbox instantly. In case they do not appear instantly you might need to restart the app.

Where to Find New Solo Leveling Codes

Since codes are constantly expiring and new ones are being handed out, you’ll want to keep checking for updates frequently. The best places to look are:

  • The official Solo Leveling Arise social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Discord, etc. The developers post the codes directly to celebrate milestones.
  • Content creator videos and live streams. Netmarble sometimes shares exclusive codes with Solo Leveling YouTubers and streamers to reward their communities.  

The game’s official Discord server is probably the most reliable place overall, as players constantly share any codes they find from various sources there. Just be warned it can get a bit…chaotic in there.

Between using codes and taking advantage of beginner reroll and tier list guides, free-to-play Solo Leveling Arise players should be able to assemble a pretty formidable roster of top-tier Hunters without spending a dime. Just be patient, log in daily, and redeem those fresh codes as soon as they drop!

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