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Rise of the Ronin 1.002 Patch Notes: Everything You Should Know

Team Ninja has rolled out the first major title update for Rise of the Ronin. The version 1.002 patch aims to address various issues players face. Although the developer did not provide official patch notes initially, details have emerged.

Bug Fixes and Stability Improvements

One of the primary goals of this patch is to fix bugs causing game crashes. Many players reported frequent crashing, hampering their gameplay experience. 

The 1.002 update implements general stability fixes to mitigate this problem. Furthermore, it addresses various other bugs to enhance overall stability.

Performance Enhancements

In addition to bug fixes, the Rise of the Ronin 1.002 patch notes highlight performance improvements. Players can expect smoother frame rates, especially when running in Performance Mode. This optimization ensures a more fluid gaming experience on the PlayStation 5 console.

Combat System Refinements

The developer has also focused on refining the game’s combat mechanics. Update 1.002 addresses various combat-related issues reported by players. While specifics are not available, these changes should result in a more polished and enjoyable combat experience.

Audio Adjustments

Another area addressed in this patch is audio. The update resolves issues related to audio playback, ensuring an immersive sound experience. Players can now fully appreciate the game’s audio design without any disruptions.

More Updates on the Horizon

While the Rise of the Ronin 1.002 patch notes cover several improvements, Team Ninja acknowledges more work needs to be done. The developer has confirmed that the upcoming 1.002.001 update will tackle the remaining issues players have encountered.

Respec Bug Fix and Minor Changes

Players have reported a few notable changes after installing the 1.002 update. One significant fix resolves the respec bug, which previously prevented players from reallocating skill points. Additionally, the community has observed minor bug fixes and tweaks to various aspects of the game.

Continuing Support for Rise of the Ronin

The 1.002 patch release demonstrates Team Ninja’s continuing support for and work on Rise of the Ronin post-launch. The developer will continue to monitor feedback and address problems in future updates, which players can expect.

Finally, the Rise of the Ronin 1.002 update brings much-needed bug fixes, stability updates, performance enhancements, and refinements to many game systems. This particular patch isn’t a total overhaul but does provide the foundation for a smoother and much more polished experience. With Team Ninja still present and supporting the game, players are able to expect more updates to fix any remaining problems.

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