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Rise of the Ronin Shinsaku Takasugi: BEGINNER Guide

In Rise of the Ronin, players will encounter Shinsaku Takasugi, a key anti-shogunate figure, during Chapter 1’s events. He is formally introduced alongside fellow anti-shogunate members by the character Ryoma. 

In order to recruit Shinsaku and gain him as a powerful ally, players must successfully complete a series of special Bond Missions tied to him. The first step is to locate and visit the Gambling Den in Yokohama’s Miyozaki District area, as this kicks off his initial “Try Your Luck” Bond Mission.

Shinsaku’s Backstory 

Shinsaku is a retainer of the Choshu Clan and a star pupil of Master Shoin Yoshida. Despite following Shoin’s anti-shogunate teachings, he enjoys indulging in gambling, geishas, poetry, and music. Moreover, he is the founder of the anti-shogunate militia known as the Kiheitai.

Shinsaku’s Combat Prowess

As an ally, Shinsaku proves to be a formidable fighter. His primary weapons include the Fujiwara-no-Sadayasu Katana and Guan Yu’s Crescent Blade Polearm. Additionally, he can swap combat styles, giving him an edge against numerous foes. His firebomb clusters provide covering fire, further enhancing his combat capabilities.

Learning from Shinsaku

Players can learn various combat styles from Shinsaku as they increase their Bond Level. At lower levels, they gain access to novice and intermediate Yagyu Shinkage-ryu katana and Shinto Munen-ryu polearm styles. Subsequently, they can master these styles along with the advanced Kiheitai oxtail blade style.

Defeating Shinsaku as a Boss

During the “Those Who Know Shoin” main mission, players must face Shinsaku as a boss in “The Chinatown Kiheitai” mission. To defeat him, they should equip a combat style effective against his weapons. 

Furthermore, players need to watch out for his powerful melee swings, bomb throws, and revolver shots. Dodging and countersparking are recommended tactics. If companions are present, they can handle the helpers while the player focuses on Shinsaku.

Rewards and Benefits

As players increase their Bond Level with Shinsaku, they receive rewards like Skill Points, combat styles, and the ability to perform Combined Assassinations with him. Overall, he proves to be a valuable ally due to his combat prowess, versatility, and the knowledge he can impart.


In summary, Shinsaku Takasugi is a key character in Rise of the Ronin. Players should prioritize completing their Bond Missions to gain access to their unique combat styles and abilities. His versatility and power make him an asset during missions, especially when players learn to counter his challenging boss fight.

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