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All Rise of the Ronin Character Codes EXPLAINED

The character creator in Rise of the Ronin is incredibly robust. The appearance of each character can be fully customized by players. The possibilities are unlimited – from facial characteristics & hairstyles to clothes.

This level of detail has inspired many players to recreate well-known characters. They then share these creations with the community using unique character codes. 

In this article, we will explore how to use and share character codes. We will also provide a comprehensive list of the best codes discovered so far.

How to Use Character Codes

Using character creator codes in Rise of the Ronin is straightforward. First, players must access the character creation menu. They can do this by starting a new game or selecting “Appearance” in the “Relax” menu. The “Relax” menu becomes available once players enter a Longhouse.

Once in the character creation menu, navigate to the Options menu. Select the “Input Code” option and enter the desired character code. Confirm the selection and the game will load the custom character. Players can then play as their chosen iconic figure.

Sharing Your Own Creations

In addition to using codes shared by others, players can share their own creations. To do this, head to the Options menu in the character creation menu. 

Select the “Create/Manage Codes” option, which will connect to the game servers. The game will then generate a unique code for the custom character.

Notable Character Creator Codes

Players have shared many impressive character creator codes across platforms like Twitter and Reddit. Here are some of the best:

  • Tifa Lockhart (Final Fantasy 7): RRP-gW5YqNstgsbST
  • Keanu Reeves (No Hair): RRP-8pQ6NaRKusStQ
  • Keanu Reeves (With Hair): RRP-EhP8yfyrN8467
  • Kenshin Himura (Rurouni Kenshin): RRP-mpxG3ygfemsE7
  • Dante (Devil May Cry): RRP-phU?wdniGBgmC
  • Jin Sakai (Ghost of Tsushima): RRP-2xtyVYcGZ4mjM
  • Chun Li (Street Fighter): RRP-Tt59M49YMWdXf
  • Tanjiro (Demon Slayer): RRP-AuYZT&keAzpWW

Other Notable Codes

  • Tom Cruise: RRP-/R/fC[iZbN?GJ
  • Mugen (Samurai Champloo): RRP-uT4jXibtiUthk
  • Geralt of Rivia (The Witcher): RRP-8/BwugYxanig4
  • Lady (Devil May Cry): RRP-LR2rywA+gUa&U
  • K-Pop Samurai: RRP-Cs67MzZtGXS4B
  • Anna Sawai: RRP-]kMnNSogwnH9R
  • Tsunade (Naruto): RRP-NVxA9hGQ7whnX
  • Hiroyuki Sanada (Shogun): RRP-LpeViht=Yt7gG
  • Zenitsu (Demon Slayer): RRP-Z=R&w=YxpD2B


The character creation system in Rise of the Ronin is truly remarkable. Players have already showcased their creativity by recreating beloved characters from various franchises. 

As the community continues to grow, even more impressive character codes will undoubtedly emerge. This guide provides a solid foundation, equipping players with the knowledge to utilize and share character codes effectively. 

Moreover, it offers a curated list of the best codes discovered thus far. Whether recreating a favorite character or crafting an original creation, Rise of the Ronin’s character creator offers endless possibilities for self-expression.

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