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Bond and Romance Ine Kusumoto: Rise of the Ronin GUIDE

In the open-world action game Rise of the Ronin, set in late Shogunate-era Japan, players have the opportunity to pursue romantic relationships with various characters. One potential love interest is Ine Kusumoto, a physician who practices Western medicine and has a mixed ethnic background. 

By making the right decisions during pivotal narrative moments, players can raise Ine’s affection and unlock the possibility of a romantic relationship with her.

Ine’s Bond Missions

To maximize their relationship with Ine, players must prioritize completing her dedicated Bond Missions. These missions revolve around her personal story and are crucial for reaching the highest bond level with her.

The first mission, “Fruit from Distant Shores,” unlocks after finishing the main story mission “It Hurts to Be Good” at level 24. In this mission, players assist Ine in treating patients.

At level 25, after completing the previous mission, “Ine’s Worries” becomes available. This tasks players with collecting Western medical texts to aid her research into finding a cure for cholera.

Finally, once players reach Bond level 3 with Ine at level 26, the last Bond Mission “Cultivating the Cure” unlocks. Here, players directly help Ine develop an actual cure for the cholera disease.

Completing all three of these personal missions focused on Ine’s journey is essential for maxing out the bond and relationship with her character.

Conversation Opportunities

Aside from Bond Missions, players can boost their Favor with Ine through key conversation choices. For instance, after the first mission, a discussion called “A Doctor’s Duty” will occur. 

When Ine says she wants to thank the player, they should respond with either “I just wanted to see your face” or “Let me help you with something right now.”

Furthermore, after the final Bond Mission, she will invite the player to purchase medicine with her. During this conversation, if a stray cat runs off, players should choose “You should be that nice to me” for the best Favor boost.

Gifting Ine

To maximize your relationship with Ine, players must complete her dedicated Bond Missions as well as give her gifts she favors. These missions revolve around her personal narrative and treating cholera.

Additionally, Ine’s Favor can be further increased by gifting her items she particularly likes – Western Medical Texts, Frankenstein (Private Pressing), Milk Chocolate, and Yew Koboku.

These coveted gift items can be acquired from different locations such as the Satsuma Clan’s Edo estate, Katsu Kaishu’s estate, the Koishikawa garden, and by trading with merchants.

Completing her story missions while also supplying her with her preferred gifts is the optimal way to reach the maximum bond and relationship level with her character.

Maxing Out the Relationship

By completing all three Bond Missions, making the right dialogue choices, and gifting Ine’s favorite items, players can rapidly raise her Bond to the coveted “Fated” rank. 

At this point, they can trigger a cutscene to enter a “Veiled Vow” relationship with Ine officially. However, it’s important to note that Ine expects monogamous devotion, so players may have to spurn another love interest.


Developing a romantic relationship with the character Ine Kusumoto in Rise of the Ronin requires patience and understanding of her interests. 

Players must complete her dedicated Bond Missions focused on her cholera research, as well as give her favored gifts like medical texts, literature, and chocolates. 

Diligently following this process while exploring the game’s historical Japanese setting allows players to forge a romantic connection with Ine.

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