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Rise of the Ronin: Trailer, Gameplay, Release Date, and More

Sony’s State of Play stream in early 2023 introduced a brand new IP – Rise of the Ronin, an open-world action RPG set in 19th-century Japan. Developer Team Ninja (of Nioh fame) promises a thrilling historical tale filled with katana-wielding combat, stealth, travel challenges, and more. 

As Rise of the Ronin’s March 2024 launch date nears, February’s State of Play provided an extended gameplay overview trailer shedding light on its world and mechanics. So let’s break down everything revealed so far about this hotly anticipated PlayStation 5 exclusive.

Rise of the Ronin Release Date

During December 2023’s Game Awards, Sony confirmed Rise of the Ronin launch for PS5 on March 24, 2024.

With regards to that, expect pricing around the $69.99 mark matching most major new PlayStation releases. And given Team Ninja’s habit for substantial expansions, future DLC drops seem highly likely post-launch.  

Rise of the Ronin Historical Setting 

Rise of the Ronin casts players as a masterless Ronin samurai travelling Japan’s 1864 Boshin War era that saw rising dissent against the ruling Tokugawa shogunate. With the nation in turmoil between rebel factions and ruling loyalists, you’ll interact with actual historical Japanese figures while shaping the country’s future direction through key decisions.

Central Story Premise

Amidst the Boshin War’s unfolding events, your ronin hero arrives in the Japanese trade capital Yokohama seeking a purpose. Soon embroiled in the roiling conflict, you choose allegiances between various ideological rebel bands or staunch bakufu traditionalists – interactions influencing the tale’s progression and endings. 

Alongside living legends like revered imperial revolutionary Ryōma Sakamoto, you’ll help determine Japan’s path regarding isolationism stances, international trade, and governance. All while confronting threats from opportunistic criminals thriving in the instability.  

Open World Exploration 

Rise of the Ronin encourages freely roaming its rendition of 1864 Yokohama and surrounding regions like a true open-world affair. The city impressively mimics Victorian architecture merged with Japanese aesthetics for historical accuracy. Checkpoint synchronization even marks activities across the map akin to Ubisoft icon-strewn sandboxes.

In addition, there are unique travel methods enhance navigation like grappling hooks, glider wings, and horseback riding alongside standard sprinting and climbing. Emergent encounters with criminal rackets, warrior trials, rescue missions, and more also populate the world much like classic RPG questing.

Soulsborne Combat Upgrades

Given Team Ninja’s action history, Rise of the Ronin unsurprisingly leans into challenging combat dynamics – albeit with some twists.  

Alongside katana styles suited for lightning slices or defensive counters, you’ll wield an arsenal of era-appropriate firearms like matchlock rifles and revolvers for ranged takedowns. Additional melee options like spears and axes provide moveset diversity as well.  And if the action gets too intense, you can switch difficulty down among three tiers – a series first for the hardcore studio. Co-op support also eases the burden further. 

Check the launch gameplay trailer to witness swordplay, gunplay, and slick parkour melding amidst beautiful vistas that compel you to forge your own warrior’s path through history.

Ongoing Reveals & Post-Launch Support  

Given Rise of the Ronin’s relatively brisk March release, fans can expect plenty more peeks at locales, gear, abilities, and set-pieces as the launch nears to stoke anticipation. Judging by Team Ninja’s robust Nioh 2 post-game support, the ronin’s feudal Japan exploits will continue evolving for months to come via substantial DLC drops.

For PlayStation lovers craving a new spin on open-world action beyond tired formulas, Rise of the Ronin’s fascinating historical playground stands out as hugely promising. The wait to reshape Japan’s future as an awe-inspiring ronin is nearly over!

Stay tuned here as more details on thrilling personalities, brutal combat nuances, and incredible traversal emerge from the shadows in this surely spectacular samurai epic.

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