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Is Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown Good? | GAME REVIEW

User Rating: 7.3

In 2024, Ubisoft aims to revive one of gaming’s most iconic franchises by reaching into Prince of Persia’s past to propel it into the future. Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown reinvents the classic side-scrolling action platforming into a deep Metroidvania exploding with potential. Set in a mystical, ancient Persian kingdom, The Lost Crown centers around the warrior Sargon chasing kidnappers to the legendary Mount Qaf in order to rescue Prince Ghassan before vile schemes unfold.

To navigate the living maze of Mount Qaf, players must help Sargon hone his athletic talents and marshal mystical time manipulation abilities. As a modern embodiment of the Prince of Persia essence, does The Lost Crown recapture the series’ glory?

Dynamic Acrobatics

The signature smooth style of dashing and leaping between perilous pits returns with panache. Sargon’s baseline physical skills allow breathtaking sequences of pole-swinging, wall-running, and ledge-grabbing to avoid deadly traps. Yet merely surviving falls short of saving Prince Ghassan. As the quest nudges Sargon closer to the mountain’s pinnacle, his arsenal expands with air dashes, grappling chains, and – eventually – short-range teleportation.

By combining these movement abilities, Sargon gains access to previously unreachable voids filled with secrets pivotal for success. The hybrid old and new platforming synthesizes into kinetic orchestration propelling veterans and newcomers alike into exhilarating flow states. The versatile movesets open up scores of options to fluidly soar past obstacles, lending organic excitement to revisiting areas.

Timeless Powers

The temporal powers popularized from Prince of Persia The Sands of Time era evolve in The Lost Crown as well. Dispatched foes drop sand essences – energy enabling Sargon to freeze time itself at the press of a button. Halting the very fabric of reality proves invaluable for avoiding environmental and enemy attacks by a hair’s width. Manipulating the pause also allows setup for unique kills like positioning perforating hazards before unleashing time’s resumption.

Because time manipulation recharges rapidly, it integrates seamlessly into combat and navigation instead of becoming a rarely-used gimmick. Navigating Mount Qaf’s machinations flows smoothly thanks to the strategic application of stopping enemies and traps dead in their tracks. Overall, time and movement mechanics intertwine with silky satisfaction.

Punishing Yet Mostly Fair

Make no mistake – Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown pulls no punches with its vicious threats. Lethal spike pits, boulder traps, and magical sentries promise death from every angle. Colossal sub-bosses easily dominate the limited-screen real estate, attacking relentlessly. The concluding bosses feel nigh-insurmountable initially thanks to punishing aggression compounding existing environmental dangers.

For stalwart heroes determined to brave the harrowing trials, however, measured patience reveals opportunity between assault waves. The movesets hold the solutions, rewarding practice, and composure even against overwhelmingly stacked odds. Checkpoints and permanent upgrades ease the pain enough to avoid totally alienating less devoted warriors. In the end, through grit or guile Prince Ghassan stays within reach.

By reviving the physical fluidity of the original series with contemporary Metroidvania open-mindedness, The Lost Crown propels Prince of Persia into modern relevance while upholding its legacy. Sargon’s gravity-defying acrobatics accentuated with time magic capture the wonder of fantasy brought to life. The revived prince may indeed be worthy of inheriting the mantle for another generation. While decidedly tough, The Lost Crown respects true dedication - offering a magical journey with secrets to uncover across its interconnected, kinetic world.
  • Interesting Gameplay
  • Revives the Franchise
  • Mechanics are Smooth and Fun
  • Bosses May Be Too Aggressive
  • Sometimes Too Difficult For New Players
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