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Best Diablo 4 Classes for Patch 1.3.0 SEASON 3

With the recent release of Patch 1.3.0 and the start of Season 3 in Diablo 4, many players are wondering which classes are strongest in the current meta. While all five Diablo 4 classes remain viable, some specializations and builds clearly outperform others for endgame PvE and PvP.

This guide breaks down a definitive class tier list ranking the most powerful Diablo 4 classes in Season 3, from the formidable Rogue to the rampaging Barbarian. Whether you’re just starting your journey in Sanctuary or looking to push the limits at endgame, these are the top-tier Diablo 4 classes you should consider for Season 3.

S Tier: Rogue

The cunning Rogue sits at the top of the Diablo 4 class tier list in Season 3 thanks to its versatile toolkit and multiple powerful specializations. Rogues excels at rapid single-target DPS with builds like Rapid Fire and Barrage. They also boast excellent crowd control capabilities with skills like Crippling Wire and Bluff, letting them kite and debilitate groups with ease. 

Overall, a well-played Rogue can adapt to take down any threat in PvE or PvP, though they aren’t quite as tanky as some other classes. For those who enjoy methodical combat and strategic ability synergy, Rogue is the premier class of choice in Season 3.

A Tier: Druid, Necromancer

On par with Rogues in the top tier are Druids and Necromancers. Druids struggled early on but have received significant buffs, making their endgame Storm and Werewolf build extremely powerful for wiping out mobs and elites. Necromancers have always been strong, able to overwhelm enemies with minions or blow them up from afar with skills like Bone Spear.

Both classes offer multiple fun playstyle options and reward skilled players who can manage their unique mechanics. Druids and Necros are just a hair behind Rogues in versatility, but make up for it with their raw damage potential at endgame.

B Tier: Sorcerer

Sorcerers occupy the middle B tier currently. They boast excellent AoE damage and crowd control with skills like Blizzard and Frozen Orb. However, they lag a bit behind in resilience and rely heavily on kiting. Sorcerer builds also lack diversity compared to some other classes.

Overall, Sorcerers are still viable for those who enjoy blowing up packs of monsters from range while dodging attacks. But their limited tankiness and playstyle variety place them firmly in the middle of the pack for Season 3.

C Tier: Barbarian 

Lastly, we have the Barbarian in the C tier. Barbarians start off slowly but become wrecking balls later on thanks to recent buffs to Rend and Hammer of the Ancients builds. When properly geared up, Barbarians are capable of obliterating Elites and Bosses. Their natural durability also makes them beginner-friendly.

However, Barbarians lack the utility of Rogues or the raw power of Druids/Necromancers in the current meta. Their straightforward playstyle may also bore some players. But Barbarians still get the job done—just with more gear dependence than the S and A tier classes.

Start Your Season 3 Journey Strong

With the Season 3 class tier list as your guide, you can pick the perfect Diablo 4 class to conquer Sanctuary’s evils as efficiently as possible. Remember to choose skills and legendary items that complement your chosen class and specialization. Diablo 4 offers near-limitless build diversity, so take advantage of it!

Stay tuned for more tips to master these classes and dominate the battlefield. See you in the fires of Hell, Nephalem!

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