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3 reasons why it’s a good idea to buy Diablo 4

Somehow, we gamers always like to star in miserable scenarios. Why? To be a hero! In Diablo 4, a game that takes you to the caverns of hell, you might just be able to fulfill that role.

Action and gameplay

One good reason to buy Diablo 4 is, of course, the most important, and that is the gameplay! Diablo is an action game where you can go wild in the caverns of hell. And another genre you can press on the game is hack and slash. On the conveyor belt you send creatures a one-way ticket to hell. And fair is fair: that gameplay is extremely smooth and refined. But that is to be expected with a game from Blizzard’s stable. By the way, you can also play the game online together, although it is also possible to do this on your own.

Improve yourself

Another reason to buy Diablo 4 is because of the upgrades the game has to offer. A hack and slash can quickly become boring if you are doing the same thing all the time. So because you are walking through the same environments, or you are constantly fighting the same enemies or if your arsenal of weapons is constantly the same. You don’t have to worry about that in Diablo 4. After all, you are a player who is constantly leveling up. Every time you complete a quest and defeat enemies, you gain XP, and as soon as your character levels up, you can spend a point on a skill-tree. That’s what makes the game tremendously fun. Because through upgrades, you make your character stronger and you actually choose how tactically you will approach the next battles.

Level design and enemies

Furthermore, Diablo 4 looks like it should be put through its paces. Hell is not pretty, they must have thought, and that is what you are presented with; arid caverns, bloody dungeons, crazy enemies like vampires, zombies and more weird scum. Not to mention Lilith. But you know what? That’s delicious! You can’t upgrade 50 levels by walking in the same environments over and over again. Diablo 4 lets you travel to all sorts of unknown places, where in reality you would never want to walk around, and come face to face with wacky enemies. Are you ready to slaughter them one by one?

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