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ALL of Yuji Itadori’s NEW Cursed Techniques Explained

For years, fans have been eagerly awaiting the day when Jujutsu Kaisen’s protagonist Yuji Itadori would finally unlock some game-changing cursed techniques to help even the playing field against fearsome foes like Ryomen Sukuna and Kenjaku. The latest chapters of the manga series answered their prayers!

Unlike many other jujutsu sorcerers, Yuji primarily relied on his incredible physical abilities. He also relied on cursed energy reinforcement rather than having an innate cursed technique. However, recent revelations unveiled not just one, but multiple new cursed techniques. Yuji has seemingly awakened these techniques.

The Reverse Cursed Technique

One of the first new abilities Yuji demonstrated was the highly advanced reverse cursed technique. This technique allows the user to convert negative cursed energy into positive energy. The positive energy is for healing and regeneration purposes. It’s an incredibly difficult skill to master, with only elite sorcerers like Yuta and Gojo previously shown using it.

Yuji unveiled his use of the reverse cursed technique when battling Sukuna, utilizing it to heal from the King of Curses’ brutal attacks like Cleave and Dismantle. This regenerative power gives Yuji a much-needed edge in prolonged fights against overwhelming foes.

Blood Manipulation

Perhaps Yuji’s most significant new cursed technique is blood manipulation, an inherited Kamo clan ability. In a flashback, Yuji thanks Noritoshi Kamo for teaching him things that Choso struggled with, heavily implying he learned blood manipulation from the two half-brothers.  

Yuji can harden and control his own blood. This was demonstrated by the red scale-like coating forming on his arms. He used techniques like Piercing Blood to actually damage Sukuna. Having an innate cursed technique finally puts Yuji more on par with other high-level sorcerers.

Malevolent Shrine

In a jaw-dropping twist, Jujutsu Kaisen has revealed that due to hosting Sukuna’s essence for so long, Yuji has even awakened the ability to use the King of Curses’ signature Malevolent Shrine cursed technique…albeit in a weakened “subnormal” form compared to the real deal.

While not as overwhelming as Sukuna’s version, Yuji’s version still allows him to manifest and control cursed energy slashes by marking targets. It’s an incredibly versatile and lethal technique that makes Yuji a much more multidimensional threat in combat.

The Potential Connection to Kenjaku

The reveal of Yuji using inherited Kamo clan abilities like blood manipulation has reignited theories about his potential connection to the villainous Kenjaku. Fans have long speculated that Yuji, much like Choso, may somehow be a “son” creation experiment of Kenjaku’s using the Kamo clan’s techniques.

If true, this could explain how Yuji can use blood manipulation without being a full-blooded Kamo. Kenjaku possessed a Kamo clan body in the past and may have imparted those abilities to Yuji. His possible origins are still shrouded in mystery.

The Awakening and Growth

Beyond just the specific techniques, one of the biggest developments has been Yuji’s rapid awakening and growth as a sorcerer during his desperate fight against Sukuna in the Shinjuku Showdown arc. 

Initially heavily outmatched, Yuji has started manifesting consecutive Black Flashes, drawing out and unleashing latent cursed techniques from his unique makeup. He went from being massively overpowered to holding his own. This surprised and annoyed Sukuna.

With both Gojo and Yuta out of commission, this elevates Yuji to being one of the last lines of defense against Sukuna’s overwhelming power. His newly gained abilities may prove decisive in this apocalyptic clash.

While Yuji has been a skilled fighter, his lack of a defining cursed technique always held him back compared to elite sorcerers. But no longer! Drawing from his connection to Sukuna, Kenjaku, and the Kamo clan, Yuji Itadori has awakened as never before.

Whether the reverse cursed healing, inherited blood manipulation, or using Malevolent Shrine’s limited version, Jujutsu Kaisen’s protagonist now has an incredible ability arsenal. Yuji may just have what it takes to rise to the occasion. He may finally start taking the fight to his biggest threats.

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