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Why Star and Stripes Should Have Won in My Hero Academia Season 7

My Hero Academia season 7 premiered with a vengeance as it featured an all-out battle between the evil Shigaraki and America‘s favorite pro-Hero Star and Stripe. Fans were left speechless as Cathleen Bate–who possessed the game-changing “New Order” ability–eventually died at the hands of Shigaraki.

Star and Stripe’s quirk, New Order, is arguably one of the most overpowered abilities. It exists in the entire My Hero Academia universe. It allows her to alter virtually any aspect of reality. She does this by simply touching an object or person and stating her desired “rule.”

In the premiere episode, we witnessed her use this ability in astounding ways. She transformed her body into a giant version of herself. From laser beams, she conjured massive energy staffs. With a lethal command, she attempted to stop Shigaraki’s heart.

Fan Backlash and Critique

Many fans expected Star and Stripe to handily defeat Shigaraki. She had an incredibly versatile and powerful quirk at her disposal. The writers set high expectations by introducing her as the strongest hero in America. The mighty All For One even feared her. However, they took a controversial route by having the antagonist quickly subdue and kill her.

This shocking turn of events has ignited debates within the My Hero Academia community. Some argue that Kohei Horikoshi, the series creator, has a pattern of underutilizing and mistreating female characters, leaving fans dissatisfied with their roles and development. Characters like Ochako, Mirko, and Midnight have all faced criticisms of reduced relevance compared to their initial setups.

Narrative Purpose and Social Commentary

In Star and Stripe’s case, her untimely demise after just a single fight scene has left many questioning the purpose of building her up as such a formidable force, only to dispose of her unceremoniously. The fact that her overpowered quirk bested her has led some to accuse Horikoshi of making Shigaraki too powerful, diminishing the threat and tension his adversaries pose.

However, a closer examination reveals that Star and Stripe’s death, while tragic, serves a narrative purpose beyond simple shock value. Shigaraki stole her quirk, raising the stakes. He established himself as an even greater threat. In her final moments, Star and Stripe altered her quirk. Her alteration disabled Shigaraki’s ability to fully utilize his new acquisition.

This twist prevented New Order from becoming overpowered. It also provided heroes a glimmer of hope. Star and Stripe’s sacrifice gave them opportunity. The heroes can now regroup and strategize against the wounded Shigaraki.

Moreover, the introduction of such a powerful quirk as New Order serves as a commentary on the United States’ reputation for “making its own rules” on the global stage. Horikoshi cleverly ties this concept into Star and Stripe’s abilities, providing social commentary beneath the surface of the action-packed storyline.

A Necessary Sacrifice

Star and Stripe’s sudden departure may have left some fans dissatisfied, but it’s certainly a bold storytelling decision that raises the narrative stakes. Her quirk’s specific mechanics and potential world-altering effects required it to be taken off the board, lest it become the solution to every conflict.

Ultimately though, the intent of Star and Stripe was not to kill Shigaraki with one hit but to highlight the growing threat he poses and give hope to the other heroes. Her tragic sacrifice is weighty and consequential in the fight that lays the groundwork for a more intense battle in the episodes to follow in My Hero Academia Season 7.

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