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Wings of Icarus Too Overpowered? – Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 Tips

Like previous seasons, the new season has kicked off with a ton of map changes. Chapter 2 Season 5 is all about Greek mythology, and the new POIs have players absolutely buzzing. Do check out our previous post for the best medallions for this season. Just like the season of Midas, there’s a lot happening all over the map this season. In this article, we will cover more about the new season and why players should be carrying around the Wings Of Icarus.

Mobility is Key!

For all the OGs, Grapplers are no longer in the game, and this is a major change. The majority of the map still requires movement-related items to cover distances and to run for cover while being chased. Behold, the Wings of Icarus! This new item is completely broken at the moment, allowing players to soar the skies. The Wings of Icarus can allow players to fly, which, in turn, allows them to rotate or scout for enemies. This new item can be stacked, and pro players are carrying two of them to ensure mobility is always available to them.

The wings allow players to boost the speed of the flight as well as perform a super stomp on enemies. Yes, too much airtime does make players a bullet magnet, and the wings can be shot down by other players. While playing against enemies in the sky, make sure to shoot the wings and destroy them for players to crash straight down to the ground. Epic has certainly balanced this item for now, and it’s crucial to get a hang of its mechanics.

Thunderbolt of Zeus Isn’t as Overpowered as You Think It Is!

The introduction of the Thunderbolt of Zeus has caused quite the noise on the Fortnite island. As expected, Chapter 5 Season 2 is all about Greek gods trying to take control of the island. Despite this god-themed environment, the Thunderbolt of Zeus comes in an item that seems to make more noise than the damage it inflicts. Players have been using these thunder strikes wrongly and throwing their games in the very last fight. This new weapon can be paired with the Wings of Icarus to deal damage from the sky.

Unfortunately, the time taken to eliminate an opponent who’s on full health is too long. The initial three thunder strikes can inflict damage similar to the damage an RPG used to do, but that’s the only good aspect of this item. Once players are in the air trying to cause chaos, they tend to attract a new dimension of third-partying teams. Teams miles away from the action can spot players using the Wings of Icarus and the Thunderbolt. Hence, long-range weapons can eliminate players committed to battling with the Thunderbolt almost instantly. The airtime involved for the Thunderbolt of Zeus makes this item risky. The best way to use this item is not to rely on the final strike and take down low HP players with the first three fast hits.

Check out our previous post to learn more about the medallions that go hand in hand with the Thunderbolt of Zeus. Keep following the Fortnite space for more guides on the various new items Epic has launched this season.

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