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The squared circle beckons once more, bringing with it the latest installment of the WWE video game brand. WWE 2K24 enters the ring with the promise of a more refined wrestling encounter and the opportunity to revisit iconic moments. But does it provide a championship-worthy performance, or will it suffer a pinfall defeat? 

A Familiar Hold with New Twists

WWE 2K24 offers a recognizable but enhanced gaming experience, building on the groundwork set by its predecessors. The fundamental principles are mostly unaltered, but with minor adjustments to improve control and fluidity. The in-ring experience is more fulfilling when one can grapple, strike, and perform hallmark techniques with more responsiveness.

The Super Finisher, a deadly special technique obtained by accruing “finisher charges” via outstanding performance, is a nice addition. This encourages players to play aggressively and make use of their whole arsenal by adding a layer of strategic depth.

The new Backstage Brawl option immerses participants in a chaotic setting outside of the ring. So discover the backstage area, turn everyday things into weapons, and get into epic brawls to spice up the standard match experience. Although the mode’s presentation and ending were deemed lacking by several critics, it provides an enjoyable break from the ring.

Reliving WrestleMania’s Legacy

WWE 2K24’s Story mode, which takes players through legendary WrestleMania moments, is the main narrative focus. The event this year honors the “Showcase of the Immortals,” showcasing historic contests and rivalries from its past. For fans of wrestling, the mode delivers a nostalgic trip down memory lane, although some reviewers question the particular match selections.

MyRise, the career-driven mode, returns with both male and female storylines. Players forge their own route to superstardom, overcoming obstacles and forming bonds in the process. For those who like to live out their own wrestling dreams, it offers a customized experience, despite its narrative approach not being very novel.

Additional Modes

MyGM: In this mode, users may assume the position of a general manager, overseeing a wrestling promotion, selecting stars, and making choices that have an impact on the outcome of their event. Reviewers gave it a largely positive reception.

MyFaction: In this collectible card game mode, users construct a team of wrestlers, engage in matches, and win incentives. Not every critic highlighted it, and microtransactions are optional.

Stepping Up the Spectacle

With realistic surroundings, more intricate character models, and better lighting effects, WWE 2K24 has better graphics. To top it all off, with realistic facial expressions and detailed clothing, the wrestlers bring the larger-than-life world of professional wrestling to life for gamers.

The Verdict: A Worthy Contender, But Not a Champion

WWE 2K24 is a solid addition to the brand because of its improved gameplay, fun new mode dubbed Backstage Brawl, and nostalgic trip through WrestleMania history. 

For fans who enjoy professional wrestling seeking a high-end gaming experience, an extensive range of game modes, and the chance to relive historic moments, WWE 2K24 is a satisfying match. Perhaps, though, those looking for a flawless encounter or a groundbreaking wrestling game ought to set their expectations lower. 

After all, WWE 2K24 leaves the arena as a worthy opponent but without the championship belt.

  • Huge roster of superstars and better graphics
  • 2k23 is somewhat better
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