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All You need to Know About Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 Leaks!

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 is incoming later this month, and the hype is real. Since the leak of the Fortnite roadmap, we’ve learned a lot about what’s coming. From celebrity skin launches to possible collabs, next season is certainly going to improve the present state of the game. Live events have also been hinted at over the course of next season with an apocalyptic theme. Keep reading to learn more about what we can expect in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3.

Leaked New Billie Eilish skins will be available on launch day.

Skins have been getting more expensive as the years pass by. What many expected as an edit style of the already existing skin has now been confirmed as an exclusive. The skin is set to be priced at 2000 V-Bucks and looks different from the previously released Billie Eilish skin. Apart from these skin leaks, different versions of Ninja-themed skins are also set to appear in the Fortnite store soon.

Fortnite Festival is also receiving an update soon with performances from Lady Gaga, Black Pink, and possibly newer performances from Billie Eilish as well. As per other confirmed Fortnite  leaks, My Hero Academia is also set to have new skins added to the list and is expected to drop mid-season along with the other hinted collabs.

Crew Packs Buffed and Fornite live events are coming soon as per leaks.

Fortnite crew members are rumored to get a mid-season battle pass. There have been a ton of collab battle passes before, and this one would be similar. All Fortnite crew pack subscribers will get access to an exclusive battle pass that will drop mid-season and have its own unique set of skins. Besides the mid-season pass, crew members have already been confirmed to get exclusive Rocket League items. To sweeten the pot, Epic will also be giving out 1000 V-Bucks extra to crew members. After its initial launch failure, the “crew” battle pass concept now finally adds extra value, which is commendable.

Before we talk about the live events that are incoming, Epic has hinted towards an apocalyptic-themed season. To start this theme off, we might get to see Metallica items hit the shop once again. It is also rumored that Metallica might have an in-game concert, but there are just rumors and nothing is confirmed as of yet. The Pandora live event is also set to take place soon as it was teased all of last season and never took place.

Other Fortnite Leaks:  Mad Max Collab might be the next in line.

With the confirmed release of the Mad Max movie set to release soon, a Fortnite collab is all but confirmed. We can expect Mad Max-styled items to enter the item shop, and possibly guns related to the movie should be available as well. The closest skins we have to Mad Max characters are from the previous Borderlands collaboration. That being said, Borderlands skin items are also going to be entering the item shop rotation soon.

Honestly, the Borderlands skins and graphics always impressed as it changed the graphics in-game. It was the first time Fortnite implemented alternate graphics into the game, and it turned out super successful. For those hardcore Borderlands fans, make sure to keep visiting the item shop in the coming weeks to buy the skins you’ve missed out on. If everything that Epic has planned for the next season turns out to be true, we have some solid content rolling out very soon in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3.


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