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Does Fortnite have a “Hot Drop” Issue in Chapter 5 season 2? – POI Guide

Epic went hard with the launch of chatper 5 season 1, introducing multiple game modes that reignited everyone’s interest in playing. Despite the initial excitement, season 2 has left many players disappointed. The early matches are filled with bot lobbies, allowing players to easily secure wins for a few games. However, after this phase, the game becomes incredibly challenging right from the drop. In this guide, we’ll explore the  Fortnite POI players should avoid for a smoother start to their matches.

Avoid Lavish Lair – Currently the most populated POI in Fortnite.

Lavish Lair was once home to multiple mythic guns. Despite these overpowered weapons, the POI (Point of interest) was never as highly contested as it is now. Players must now master the best drop points to reach Lavish Lair first. Why is Lavish Lair so popular? Well, Artemis might be the answer to that question. This NPC provides wall hacks every 45 seconds, making it perhaps the most broken feature available in the game.  Apart from artemis, lavish lair is known for its giant loot areas. The floor loot along with the chests inside this massicve buiding allows for players to get the best guns and ammo options available in the game. Players are well aware of what this location has to offer, making it one of the most contested places in Fortnite history.

Mount Olympus and Grim Gate rank as the next toughest Fortnite POIs to drop into.

As the POI names suggest, both these locations are Greek-themed and feature mythic weapons and abilities. Upon dropping, players can engage in battles with NPCs, which later spawn the final bosses. In Mount Olympus, Zeus emerges as the final boss. Defeating him grants players access to his mythic weapon and medallion. Besides the mythic items, Mount Olympus is home to the Wings of Icarus, allowing players to soar through the island. Currently, these wings offer the best mode of transportation, surpassing every available car and bike in the game. While their fighting mobility features are lacking, their fast rotations and easier access to high ground retakes make them a favorite among pro players.

Similar to Mount Olympus, Grim Gate is also home to the Greek god “Hades.” This location is highly contested, with players fighting for Hades’ “Aspect of Agility” medallion. Combined with the Aspect of Speed, Fortnite becomes much easier. Both medallions are movement boosters, allowing players to escape tight situations quickly. Defeating Hades is a time-consuming task, similar to Zeus, but both Greek gods are worth fighting for. Grim Gate is also often home to third-party warriors. Hence, after landing in this POI, regardless of who dominates, players should expect others camping and ready for typical Fortnite attacks.

Most players engaged in battle with Hades end up weak in health, triggering third-partying. Players are well aware of the medallion’s benefits and its difficulty to obtain. Always be vigilant of movements and possible enemies crouching in this location. It’s unlikely that players rotating in from other locations will pose a threat, as they typically leave the area quickly after obtaining the medallion, hoping to exploit it and secure multiple kills throughout the match.

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