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Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 Review: Back to the 90s

Call of Duty answered, and the 90s called. Amid grunge and a world about to enter a new millennium, Black Ops 6 takes you back to a change – era decade. But will this retro vacation turn into a ...

8.6 Great

Oh Deer! The Wildest Hide-and-Seek Game on PC

You can set aside Prop Hunt for a while with this wildest new hide-and-seek game in town. Be cozy with Oh Deer, a game developed by Cozy Cabin Studios to bring a fresh and hilarious twist to the asymm...

8.2 Great

Chained Together The Best Co-op Escape Game in 2024

Talk about creating memories. Cooperative experiences will always have a special place in players’ hearts. In this ever-evolving world of video games, we’ve seen things level up in terms of difficulty...

8.5 Great

Silent Hill 2 Remake: What to Expect After Two Decades?

The psychological thriller mystery shrouded game is back nearly 23 years after its original release. Silent Hill 2 is about to make its highly anticipated return. Ready to put terror into the faces of...

8.5 Great

Is the First Descendant Good? | GAME REVIEW

MISSION INCOMING! Players, ready your guns as a new free-to-play looter shooter from Nexon has landed. The First Descendant came and drew the attention of nearly 240,000 players on Steam alone in its ...

7.6 Good

Monster Hunter Stories Remastered Review – What’s Changed?

Excited to revisit the world of Monster Hunter Stories? We have the remastered version of the RPG on the market – with stunning brand new graphics, powerful voice acting and a heap of changes wh...

8.3 Great

Is Assetto Corsa Good? | GAME REVIEW

In the racing games on the market, Assetto Corsa is known for its simulation focus. It was later released in 2014 on PC and later on consoles. It has gotten praise for being an authentic racing experi...

7.9 Good

Is Back 4 Blood Worth it? | GAME REVIEW

Back 4 Blood burst onto the scene in 2021, promising a fresh take on the classic co-op zombie shooter experience. As a spiritual successor to the iconic Left 4 Dead games, it carried lofty expectation...

8.1 Great

Is Destiny 2 Still Good? | GAME REVIEW

Long a looter-shooter genre staple, Bungie’s Destiny 2 has been in existence for nearly ten years. Amid the whirlwind of updates, continual expansions along with a meta that keeps Guardians (Des...

7.9 Good
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