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Is Halo: Infinite Worth Playing in 2024?

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Forget the launch woes! Halo: Infinite, reborn in 2024, boasts a treasure trove of new maps, modes, and a thriving Forge community. 

Is it a Spartan success story or a ticking time bomb before a new Halo arrives? Let’s find out!

A Resurgence After Early Struggles

Halo: Infinite had a rocky launch in late 2021. Despite praise for its gunplay and emotional story, it lacked substantial post-launch content. 

Players criticized the slow pace of new maps, modes, and events. However, 343 Industries listened to feedback and made significant improvements. 

As we enter 2024, Halo: Infinite has transformed into a vastly different experience.

Revitalized With Fresh Content

Over the past year, Halo: Infinite received over ten new multiplayer maps. These are some of the best yet, capturing the perfect Halo balance. 

New modes like Halo 3 Refueled and Firefight breathed new life into the game. The powerful Forge mode allowed the community to create custom maps and game types. From Mario Kart to a Halo RPG, the possibilities are endless.

Addressing Core Issues

Beyond new content, 343 Industries revamped core systems that frustrated players. The restrictive Battle Pass challenges are gone, replaced with progression tied to playing preferred modes. The unpopular Armor Core system has been reworked, giving players more customization freedom. 

These quality-of-life changes make Halo: Infinite far more enjoyable in 2024.

A Solid Foundation to Build Upon

With the triumvirate of PvP, Firefight, and Forge now available, Halo: Infinite has a strong foundation. While some requests remain (like removing Armor Cores entirely), 343 can focus on expanding and refining further. 

The solid gunplay that impressed initially now has ample support. Halo: Infinite is primed for continued growth.

The Potential for a Successor

However, rumors persist about a new Halo game in development using Unreal Engine 5If true, it could rejuvenate the franchise while overshadowing Infinite. After struggling to meet its ambitious 10-year plan, a new game may be the lifeline Halo needs. 

For now, 2024 could be Infinite’s last hurrah before a potential reboot.

Should You Play in 2024?

For those hesitant after its rough launch, there’s no better time to try Halo: Infinite.

The amount of improvements and additions make it a different beast in 2024. Gunplay is still fantastic but is now complemented by a plethora of compelling modes and maps. Forge allows near-endless custom games for the dedicated. However, Infinite’s future remains uncertain with a potential successor looming. It was announced that they will not be continuing to develop content, but time will tell on the future of Halo: Infinite.

Players looking for a fresh, robust Halo experience should absolutely jump in now. 

  • It's a great game, and with the latest updates, it got even better.
  • You'll only truly enjoy it if you play with friends.
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