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Is South Park: Snow Day Good? | GAME REVIEW

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Hold on to your snowballs, because Snow Day! is the new South Park game that promises a snowy adventure with the South Park crew. It’s a follow-up to the epic RPGs The Stick of Truth and the Fractured but Whole, but it shuns turn-based combat in favor of 3D hack’ n slash co-op.

Buckle up! We’re about to reveal whether this is a snowball fight of fun or a frozen wasteland of disappointment.

Introducing the Game

South Park: Snow Day! is the latest installment in the South Park video game. It builds upon The sagas of The other turn-based RPGs – the Stick of Truth and the Fractured But Whole.

But Snow Day! is a cooperative 3D hack-and-slash experience instead.

A Disappointing Experience

From the start, the game lacks the wit and shock factor associated with South Park. Compared to its predecessors, which pushed the envelope with outrageous circumstances and adult content, Snow Day! is just bland.

The writing is flat, and even Cartman along with Randy lacks that outrageous behavior that they are known for.

Monotonous and Repetitive Gameplay

The actual gameplay is repetitive and drab, with awkward controls and lackluster weapons and abilities. With just 5 levels, the game still drags on far too much time. The combat feels dated and lacks substance.

Furthermore, the game’s card-based leveling mechanics and the cards do little to bring variety.

A Lack of Humor and Surprises

One of the most glaring issues with Snow Day! is the absence of the trademark South Park humor and shocking moments. 

The game doesn’t feature any memorable gags or ridiculous situations fans are accustomed to from the franchise. Even the storyline, which follows the kids’ fantasy adventures during a snow day, lacks any real surprises or twists.

Technical Issues and Questionable Design Choices

Beyond poor writing and play, the game has technical issues. Sound design is also inconsistent, with characters frequently sounding like they are in different rooms.

Animations and particle effects can also be unpredictable and inconsistent. On top of that, the design choices the game makes – like pausing for the animations – only serve to frustrate the already tedious combat even more.

The Horde Mode: A Missed Opportunity

Horde mode – in which players have to face waves of enemies in an arena – does very little to fix the issue. Instead, it overshadows the worst elements of the combat and kills any possibility for humor or story arc.

A Disappointing Entry in the Franchise

Overall, South Park: Snow Day! is another letdown in the franchise. It sort of misses the point of what helps make South Park great.

The gameplay is tedious, the writing is flat and the technical issues and design decisions just serve to intensify the game’s problems further.

Verdict: Not Worth Your Time

For long-time South Park fans and gamers alike, South Park: Snow Day! is a game that can safely be skipped. 

Despite its attempts to try something new, the game misses the mark so drastically that it’s hard to recommend it to anyone.

  • It's good for those who are invested in the franchise.
  • Overall quality ain't refined. You'll get bored so easily, and there's also the underwhelming sloppy action.
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