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Valorant: Which Team Is Predicted To Win Masters Shanghai

The early predictions put the Pacific region teams as the frontrunners for Valorant Masters Shanghai. Paper Rex, fresh off their Masters Madrid championship, are tipped to go back-to-back. With Jinggg returning, PRX is expected to return to full form as they get used to playing with their star duelist throughout the first stage. One analyst boldly claims “PRX finally win one and definitely do not choke this time.”

However, not everyone is convinced that PRX will have it easy. The Pacific region leveled up, and powerhouses like T1, Gen.G, and the resurgent DRX were seen as threats. People look forward to them taking down the reigning champions. RX in particular is a popular sleeper pick. Despite having two rookie players in new roles, they nearly qualified for Madrid. With more time to gel, their “world-class core” and “explosive rookies” could shock the doubters.

The Americas Abilities

The Americas region for Valorant Champions 2024 is wide open this year. Sentinels did not qualify for the VCT Americas playoffs, making it impossible for them to participate in the upcoming Masters Shanghai tournament. Several teams have a shot at securing their spot.

LOUD and NRG remain strong contenders, both boasting impressive performances throughout the season.

For the EMEA region, the predictions unanimously have Fnatic and KCorp qualifying. However, there’s debate around that third slot.

While some favor the firepower of Vitality or Natus Vincere, others simply “Believe in Trexx” – putting their faith in the new FPX roster to secure the final EMEA spot at Masters Shanghai.

Fnatic’s redemption narrative is compelling too. Tipped to “bounce back” from a disappointing 2023, the legendary team may not have their championship “magic” of old but could punch above their weight with “new ideas executed to the high level we expect.”

A Fnatic vs PRX finale is a prospective dream matchup.

Chinese Challengers

Assessing China’s challengers is the biggest unknown. The clear frontrunners are EDG and FPX, but there’s little faith in the regional depth behind them.  

Analysts tentatively nominate Wolves Esports as the third seed based on them being “the only other team to take a map off EDG.” However, even this projection comes with the caveat that China “still has to gather their bearings before earning high international regard.”

Dark Horses & Contenders

While making firm predictions is difficult in such a stacked event, there’s an admitted feeling that “10 out of the 12 teams could win the whole thing given the right circumstances.”

Potential dark horses or contenders for a high placement include NRG, Fnatic, KC Corp, Gen.G, and potentially T1 or DRX from Korea.

The Verdict

When the dust settles, the favored prediction is a PRX vs Fnatic final in Shanghai. Giving the edge to the defending champions, it’s tipped that “PRX finally win one and definitely do not choke this time.”

However, there are plenty of threats and talented teams ready to rip up the script. The unpredictable nature of Valorant international LAN events is what makes them must-see, high-stakes competitions.

Valorant Masters Shanghai promises to be a gripping tournament as the race to Valorant Champions continues. All the pre-event predictions and storylines simply add fuel to the fire.


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