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Diablo 4: Tips and Tricks for BEGINNERS 2024

To help you get through the gates of Hell and back on your first playthrough, here are some essential tips and tricks for Diablo 4 beginners.

Balance Selling and Salvaging Loot

Once you reach the first town, you’ll unlock the ability to salvage unwanted gear for crafting materials. However, you’ll also want gold to purchase potions, gear, and other supplies. Try to find a balance between selling and salvaging loot every few trips to town. This ensures you have plenty of both crafting materials and gold. Once you reach the end game, gold becomes less important.

Stash Extra Gems 

Gems take up a dedicated slot each, so they clutter up your inventory fast. Don’t sell extra gems, as they are needed for socketing gear. Instead, stash unneeded gems regularly so you have space.

Inspect Item Bonuses Closely

Diablo 4 quickly shows if the new gear has higher base stats, but take time to check bonuses too. An item with slightly lower damage may provide more useful effects. Also, if replacing upgraded gear, check if the new item is better when upgraded too.

Unlock the Occultist ASAP

The Occultist allows extracting and applying powerful Aspects to gear. Unlock this vital vendor quickly by completing any dungeon. This unlocks the Occultist faster than reaching level 25. 

Don’t Hoard Items

It’s tempting to keep multiple items in case you need them, but this fills up your inventory fast. Once you settle on a build, only keep relevant gear. Sell unneeded items instead of dropping them, as sold items provide gold.

Salvage Rare Items for Veiled Crystals

Breaking down rare (gold) gear often produces veiled crystals which are used for advanced gear upgrades. Make sure to regularly salvage rare quality loot you don’t need for a steady supply of this crafting material.

Consume Elixirs Regularly

Elixirs provide temporary buffs, but all grant +5% XP for 30 minutes. Consume these regularly to level up faster and gain skill points quicker. The Alchemist can craft more using materials found in the world.

Hotkey Elixirs for Quick Use

Elixirs can be hotkeyed to the emote wheel for fast consumption without opening menus. Keep that XP boost running!

Build Renown to Increase Potion Capacity 

Building Renown by exploring, completing dungeons, etc. grants bonus potion slots. Make reaching Renown Level 2 in each region a priority for the extra potion capacity. Those extra healing charges will be essential.

You Can’t Unlock All Skills

Even at the level cap, you won’t unlock every skill. Diablo 4 encourages specialized builds, so choose skills for your play style. Remember you can always respec your skills for a fee.

Take on Side Quests

Side quests provide XP, loot, and gold. They also progress regional Renown. Prioritize picking up blue side quests when you can, even if you don’t complete them right away.

Explore the Open World Thoroughly

Exploring off the critical path can unveil dungeons, events, crafting materials, and more. Make sure to fully uncover the map to find secret locations and optional content.

Complete Public Events 

Participating in public events earns loot chests and currency for gambling. They aren’t too difficult, so always help out when you encounter these world events.

Focus Gambling on Specific Items

When gambling currency at the Purveyor, target a specific item type like weapons or chest armor for better odds of something useful.

Change World Tier if too Easy

Novice players should start on World Tier 1, but don’t be afraid to increase the difficulty via World Tier if you find the game too easy. Higher tiers provide better rewards.

Use Emotes to Unlock Buff Altar Riddles

Small altars across the world provide buffs when you use specific emotes to answer their riddles. Stop to unlock these temporary boons when you find altars. 

Don’t Forget to Grab a Mount

You won’t unlock mounts until a specific story mission in Act IV. Don’t worry when you can’t purchase them right away. But once available, grab a mount ASAP to speed up travel.

By taking notes from this Diablo 4 Tips and Tricks for Beginners, you’ll be annihilating demons in no time. What beginner strategy helped you most? Let us know in the comments!

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