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Biggest Esports Sponsorships – 5 Incredible Sponsors

Esports Sponsorships

Esports is on fire, drawing in millions of fans worldwide. As it cements its spot in mainstream entertainment, big companies are taking notice and diving into strategic sponsorships. Today, we’re getting into why these partnerships matter for both the companies and the esports community.

Let’s see the top five esports sponsorships that have left a lasting impact and transformed the game.

Why Esports Sponsorships is a Game-Changer for Big Companies

Wondering why those big companies are jumping into esports? Simple – it’s a win-win.

For us gamers, it means our favorite teams get a boost. More cash means better gear, killer training spots, and an overall upgrade for the gaming scene. It’s like giving our gaming world a power-up.

Revenue in esports

And for those companies? They get street cred with the gaming community, which isn’t easy through regular ads. It’s a smart move – they ride the esports wave, reaching us right where we are.

So, it’s not just logos on jerseys; it’s a cool partnership that helps both sides. Big companies get exposure to us gamers, and we get stronger esports scenes. Win-win, leveling up together.

The Top 5 Esports Sponsorships Today

Today, we’re checking out the top 5 esports sponsorships that are making waves. These partnerships aren’t just big names; they’re reshaping the gaming scene. Let’s break down the game-changers that are leveling up esports.

1. Mercedes-Benz: Cruising into Esports Innovation

T1 Mercedes

In 2023, Mercedes-Benz joined forces with T1, a big esports name, bringing in not just money but also style. They surprised T1’s star, Faker, with a $120,000 Mercedes-AMG EQE 53MATIC+. The partnership didn’t stop there – Mercedes-Benz became Riot Games’ global mobility partner, giving exclusive rewards to the Worlds 2021 Champions, EDG.

This ride with esports goes all the way to 2025, making Mercedes-Benz a key player in the game. They are definitely one of the biggest esports sponsorships in history.

2. Samsung: A Decade in Esports

Samsung sponsor

Samsung has been a big name in esports since 2013, supporting top teams like SK Telecom T1, T1, and Fnatic. With a whopping $326.05 billion market cap in May 2023, they’re no small player.

In 2022, Samsung kicked it up a notch by teaming up to create an exclusive mobile app for their devices. Smart move – it not only showcases their Galaxy phones and Odyssey monitors but also cements Samsung as a major player in the booming world of mobile esports.

3. Intel: Powering Esports for 20+ Years

Intel, a tech giant, has been in the esports game for over two decades. They teamed up with ESL to create the Intel Extreme Masters, the longest-running global gaming tour.

In 2021, Intel went big, investing over $100 million from 2022 to 2025 to keep the innovation wheel spinning in esports. Their goal? Bring in new tech and improvements for fans and players, ensuring esports keeps evolving. Intel is the driving force behind the esports revolution!

4. Red Bull: Boosting Esports Since 2006

Red Bull has been a big player in esports since 2006, partnering with OG (DOTA 2), G2 (CS:GO), and T1 (League of Legends). But it’s not just about money – Red Bull goes all in, caring about the players’ health, mind, and body.

They’re not just on the sidelines; Red Bull hosts cool events like Red Bull Battle Grounds, Red Bull Campus Clutch, and big League of Legends tournaments. Red Bull isn’t just sponsoring esports; they’re fueling its growth, making sure players are at their best. Red Bull is ensuring its place as one of the largest esports sponsorships ever.

5. Coca-Cola: Putting Fires in Esports Out

In 2022, Coca-Cola, the big beverage player, teamed up with Riot Games for Wild Rift, Riot’s top mobile esports game, globally. This ongoing deal is all about creating cool stuff for Wild Rift fans.

Coca-Cola’s no stranger to esports, sponsoring big League of Legends events from 2013-2016. It’s not just about money; it adds a refreshing touch to esports and boosts Coca-Cola’s global brand.

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