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Taiga Hangs the Mouse – Dota 2 Superstar Retires


When it comes to pos 4 at Dota, one name surely stands out – TAIGA! Tommy “Taiga” Le, the well-known roaming support player from OG Esports, Team Liquid, and Alliance, has recently announced his retirement from competitive Dota 2. Fans are curious whether this is a permanent goodbye or just a break. As always, Dota 2 players are known to retire and then come back in a couple of months.

One good example is the Ceb or Ana; they retired at least 4 times both.

Nevertheless, Taiga, known for his exceptional skills, has decided to explore new opportunities in gaming. He plans to shift his focus to streaming and coaching, sharing his extensive knowledge, backed by an impressive 12,000 MMR, with the community.

While Taiga steps away from professional play, fans want to see how he will contribute to the Dota 2 scene as a mentor. Whether this is a temporary break or a final decision, only time will tell. As the community says goodbye to Taiga’s on-field presence, his legacy is expected to live on through his influence on aspiring players and fans. All eyes are now on his streaming and coaching endeavors, where Taiga’s impact is set to continue.

Who is Taiga?

Those who don’t know Taiga are either not a Dota 2 fan or are simply sleeping under the rock. This guy has been a part of the Dota 2 competitive scene for seven years, making impressive achievements along the way.

During his time with Alliance, Taiga played a key role in a memorable match against RNG. Here, his team overcame a mis-pick and still delivered an amazing performance.

After leaving Alliance, Taiga spent a couple of years with Team Liquid. Here, he achieved success with a notable first-place finish at ESL One Germany 2020. Despite a quieter period, his contribution to Team Liquid remains a significant part of his journey.

In 2021, Taiga joined OG Esports, marking the peak of his career. He secured two Major trophies, appeared in the Riyadh Masters, and achieved a top-eight finish at The International 11.

However, after the 2022 Dota 2 season, Taiga faced challenges in his role as a roaming support. Despite these setbacks, his years of experience and contributions are known to every fan of Dota 2.

Real-Life Struggles with Gambling

In 2023, OG played without Taiga, leaving fans wondering about his status. It was revealed that Taiga was dealing with a gambling problem that began after The International 11, taking a toll on his life.

Taiga opened up about his struggle, confessing to engaging in gambling, which went against his principles. From soccer to casino bets, he faced nightmares of losing everything he had worked for. Despite finding a better place now, his Dota 2 career took a hit in 2023.

After leaving OG, Taiga joined five teams without success, leading him to retire with an impressive legacy. Even though he wasn’t able to win The International, his results are still impressive. Most importantly, Taiga is a good guy, known for polite behavior and a friendly attitude. Many people love his playstyle and moves, that’s why he is a legend in Dota 2.


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