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Does Yuji Itadori have a Domain Expansion in Jujutsu Kaisen

In Jujutsu Kaisen, Domain Expansion is the ultimate expression of a sorcerer’s power. This technique involves creating a powerful barrier that incorporates the user’s own cursed technique, enhancing their innate abilities within the barrier. Within a domain expansion, the user’s cursed techniques are boosted, and any activated techniques are guaranteed to hit their target. This formidable ability is the pinnacle of jujutsu sorcery and is only attainable by the most advanced and experienced sorcerers. The question lingers: Does Yuji Itadori have a Domain Expansion in Jujutsu Kaisen?

Yuji Itadori’s Evolving Abilities

Jujutsu Kaisen protagonist Yuji Itadori has developed into a strong character throughout the series. Initially lacking a cursed technique, Yuji was merely strong in his physical ability and determination. However, recent events have suggested his cursed technique is being awakened and the possibility of him manifesting a domain expansion has become more likely.

The Dawn of Piercing Blood

Yuji was seen fighting against the giant Sukuna in chapter 247 of Jujutsu Kaisen. During this fight, Yuji revealed a new ability called Piercing Blood that even surprised Sukuna. It’s a variation of the blood manipulation cursed technique. Characters such as Noritoshi Kamo and Choso previously had this ability. Their ability is a variation of the blood manipulation cursed technique. Yuji’s sudden mastery of this technique suggests he may one day explore more aspects of blood manipulation, and even create a blood domain.

The Secrets of a Blood Domain

If Yuji has really unleashed the power of blood manipulation, then showing up in a blood domain is a tempting prospect. A Blood domain would give Yuji access to Rivers of Blood like in Piercing Blood and perhaps even allow him to control the blood of his enemies. That would inevitably put Yuji among the greatest sorcerers in Jujutsu Kaisen, and make him a formidable opponent for the likes of Sukuna.

The “Soul Swap” Training and Sukuna’s Influence

Recent chapters have revealed a spooky “soul swap” training that Yuji underwent with Atsuya Kusakabe and Ui Ui’s cursed technique. This training allowed Yuji to imitate some skills while occupying Kusakabe’s body, for example, the Simple Domain and Malevolent Shrine. Of note, Sukuna has previously used Domain Expansion while in Yuji’s body, so maybe Yuji has the ability to recreate Sukuna’s Malevolent Shrine Domain Expansion or something similar.

The Battle of Sukuna – The Showdown

As the story develops, we know Yuji will eventually meet Sukuna in a finale showdown. If Yuji unleashes a domain expansion, it could be formidable. Especially if inspired by or similar to Sukuna’s skills. It could counter the King of Curses formidably. The narrative implications would flesh out their relationship further. Yuji holding a Sukuna-like domain expansion would demonstrate his maturation. It would show he is a hero ready to take on his biggest foe.


Though the details of a domain expansion remain elusive, the hints and developments within Jujutsu Kaisen seem to indicate that Yuji Itadori may just be on the cusp of releasing this power. Whether it’s a blood domain or something Sukuna’s own creation, fans hope Yuji can reach this pinnacle of jujutsu sorcery. As the story progresses, we may see Yuji grow. His domain expansion could potentially be revealed. This revelation could affect Yuji’s path – leading to epic battles and story moments.

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