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One Piece Chapter 1113: What Did Vegapunk Mean By The World Sinking

In One Piece Chapter 1113, the brilliant scientist Vegapunk dropped the bombshell that rocked the world – the world is sinking into the ocean! That was revealed in a pre-recorded message Vegapunk had prepared to play upon his death – something he suspected was imminent.

The Rising Sea Levels

While Vegapunk’s prediction may seem far-fetched, there have been numerous hints throughout the series about rising sea levels in the One Piece world. As early as the Water 7 arc, Iceberg mentioned that the sea levels have been steadily increasing over the years, necessitating the construction of a floating city to adapt to the changing tides.

Furthermore, the recent destruction of Lulusia by the Mother Flame caused the global sea level to rise by approximately one meter, swallowing several islands in the process. This alarming acceleration of rising sea levels provides a glimpse into the potential catastrophic consequences if such powerful weapons continue to be used indiscriminately.

The Connection to the Ancient Weapons

Vegapunk’s doomsday prophecy warns of a sinking world. It ties into the Ancient Weapons myth – machines capable of changing the world. Of these weapons, Uranus is the most destructive. The Imu currently possesses this fearsome power.

The Mother Flame obliterated Lulusia, suggesting its connection to Uranus’ might. If this weapon continues use, the resulting seismic upheavals and rising seas could submerge the world underwater – fulfilling Vegapunk’s dire prediction.

The Great War and the Ancient Kingdom

Oda wove clues about the sinking world’s origins into One Piece’s story. The Great War between the Ancient Kingdom and enemies likely changed global geography.

This hundred-year war saw ferocious use of the Ancient Weapons, especially Uranus. Its power may have caused immense earthquakes and flooding, submerging the Ancient Kingdom. The One Piece world’s spherical islands could be remnants of that lost continent.

The Future of the One Piece World

The world faces peril as the Straw Hats and allies investigate Ancient Weapons. Vegapunk’s message warns, if not stopped, those weapons could again plunge the world into the sea.

It happened centuries ago during the Great War, reducing a continent to islands. The path ahead holds both danger and promise of uncovering hidden history. Fans eagerly await Oda’s storytelling in One Piece Chapter 1113 as the Straw Hats try to prevent oblivion. The Straw Hats must navigate treacherous seas to keep the world from its doomed future. Only by understanding the Ancient Weapons’ secrets can they alter this course.

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