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Xbox May Launch New Fallout Game Ahead of Schedule

New Fallout Game

The popular video game series Fallout might be getting a new title faster than fans expected.

This comes as Xbox, which owns the Fallout series developer Bethesda, aims to take advantage of the recent spike in the series’ popularity following the debut of its TV show on Amazon Prime and to launch a new Fallout game.

Quick Facts:

  • Xbox is speeding up the development of the next Fallout game.
  • The new game might arrive before Fallout 5, which is not expected soon.
  • Fallout 4, the last main game, was released nearly a decade ago.

Boosted by TV Show Popularity

Fallout TV Show - New Fallout Game

Following the success of the Amazon TV show, the Fallout video game series has experienced a significant increase in player numbers. This resurgence in popularity has prompted Xbox to accelerate plans for a new release.

The TV series has not only brought new fans but reinvigorated the existing community, creating a strong demand for fresh content. In response, Xbox is actively exploring innovative development strategies to deliver a new Fallout game much sooner than traditionally possible.

While the creation of such large-scale games typically spans several years, Xbox is committed to reducing development times to meet the heightened expectations of fans eager for new adventures in the Fallout universe.

A Fresh Approach to Game Development

The current rumor started when Fallout 4 received a free next-gen upgrade on April 25, improving the game for new gaming systems.

Although it’s been around for nine years, this update has brought the game back into the spotlight. Meanwhile, Fallout 76 continues to receive new content, keeping the community engaged.

Historically, the next big release, Fallout 5, would follow Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls 6, which is set for a 2027-2028 release. This schedule means Fallout 5 might not arrive until 2030 or later.

However, Todd Howard, the creative director at Bethesda, has hinted at a possible shift in plans due to the show’s success and the renewed interest in the Fallout universe.

New Partnerships Mean Faster Release for the New Fallout Game

New Fallout Game

Xbox is now considering outsourcing the development of the next Fallout game. This strategy isn’t new for Bethesda, which had previously collaborated with Obsidian Entertainment to create Fallout: New Vegas, a fan favorite, in 2010.

Since Xbox also owns Obsidian, this opens up possibilities for collaboration, though Obsidian is currently busy with other projects such as Avowed and The Outer Worlds 2.

The idea is that another studio could start working on a new Fallout title while Bethesda focuses on Elder Scrolls 6. This could potentially lead to the new Fallout game releasing much closer to Elder Scrolls 6, perhaps even within a year of each other.

New Fallout Game - New Vegas

The possibility of an earlier Fallout game aligns with comments from Jez Corden of Windows Central, who mentioned on the Xbox Two podcast that Xbox is actively planning to bring out the next Fallout game “sooner rather than later.” This approach is believed to be a response to the franchise’s current momentum and fan expectations.

While Fallout 5 remains a long way off, the ongoing interest and speculation about its setting and story continue.

Bethesda has hinted that the setting for Fallout 5 might already be decided, and it could tie into themes or locations explored in the TV series.

What’s Next for Fallout?

Fallout 4 - New Fallout Game

As Xbox and Bethesda navigate these plans, the gaming community is buzzing with excitement at the prospect of returning to the Fallout world sooner than expected.

Whether it’s through Fallout 5 or another title, it seems clear that the desolate landscapes and rich stories of the Fallout universe will continue to captivate gamers worldwide.

For now, fans have plenty to keep them busy with the upgraded Fallout 4 and ongoing updates to Fallout 76. But the anticipation for a new entry in the storied series is building, potentially setting the stage for another blockbuster release in the near future.

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