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Gray Zone Warfare Already Has A Big Issue Before Early Access Launch

Madfinger Games’ military simulation game Gray Zone Warfare has been generating a lot of buzz within the gaming community. But as the game approaches its early access release, there is one significant issue which could destroy the entire package. The issue is the game’s landing zone mechanics, which have been a pain point for many players during closed testing.

The Landing Zone Dilemma

In Gray Zone Warfare, players fly to designated landing zones (LZs) across the game’s open world. These LZs are intended to be entry points into various areas for players to infiltrate and finish objectives. But the way these landing zones are currently being operated has created a serious issue: those camping near the LZs are becoming easy targets, too.

When players board the helicopter, they find themselves on open ground with very little to no cover, exposing them to gunfire. Many players camping near landing zones (LZs) have exacerbated this problem, waiting for other players to land and immediately attacking them. As a result, many gameplay sessions end abruptly, with players wiping out seconds after they touch. down

The Need for a Solution

A major frustration for players is the landing zone issue, which breaks the core gameplay experience. Players can spend hours traveling to their chosen LZ, only to die there. This has brought about some disappointment and several gamers would like the developers to fix it prior to the game’s early access release.

Players suggest implementing a grace period post-landing to prevent injury and gear looting. They also propose staying onboard if hostile activity is spotted.

Creating a Cohesive Experience

While players have praised Gray Zone Warfare for much more than the landing zone issue, calling its visuals among the best they’ve ever seen, the landing zone issue is a big deal. Also, the level of detail in the game’s medical system and weapon customization has received praise.

But if Gray zone Warfare is to succeed, it has to solve the landing Zone issue in a way that is consistent with its stated objective of “providing a realistic military simulation experience.” With player feedback, Madfinger Games ensures enthusiasm and unity in Gray Zone Warfare’s gameplay mechanics at launch.


Gray Zone Warfare’s landing Zone problem has been a major roadblock in the game’s path to early access launch. Its immediate elimination of players upon landing has the potential to overshadow the positive aspects and cause frustration. By promptly addressing and implementing player suggestions, Madfinger Games can ensure Gray Zone Warfare offers a cohesive, enjoyable experience. It can solidify its position as a standout title in the military simulation genre.


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