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Major Update: EA Games Ending Several Popular Games in 2024

EA Games Ending Several Popular Games in 2024

In a recent announcement, we now know that “EA Games ending several popular games in 2024.” This news is important for players who enjoy these games, as they will need to find new favorites soon.

List of Games Shutting Down

Here are the games that EA has already shut down and plans to shut down throughout 2024. Check them out to see if your favorites are on the list.

  • F1 2011 — Ended March 21st
  • F1 2012 — Ended March 21st
  • F1 2013 — Ended March 21st
  • F1 2014 — Ended March 21st
  • F1 Race Stars — Ended March 21st
  • Micromachines World Series — Ended March 21st
  • Rocket Arena — Ended March 21st
  • Kim Kardashian Hollywood — Ends April 8th
  • Madden NFL 20 — Ends April 15th
  • EA Sports MLB Tap Sport Baseball 2023 — Ends May 24th
  • F1 Mobile Racing — Ends May 24th
  • Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-earth — Ends May 24th
  • MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2022 — Ends May 24th
  • Super Mega Baseball 2 — Ends July 24th
  • NHL 20 — Ends September 16th

Make sure to check these dates and enjoy the games before they are no longer accessible.

Notable Shutdowns of April 2024

We all know the game is ending but… why?! They were making $$$ and made huge design improvements, then shut down out of the blue?
byu/shaybitchell inKardashianHollywood

This year, fans of EA’s games face the shutdown of two popular titles in April 2024: the mobile game “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” and the enduring sports title “Madden NFL 20”. As the online services for these games wind down, players are losing the chance to engage with these virtual worlds, marking the end of significant chapters for many.

“Kim Kardashian: Hollywood,” a game that lets players climb their way to celebrity status, will become completely unplayable. Its unique gameplay and star-studded narrative won’t have a direct replacement. On the other hand, while “Madden NFL 20” will lose online features, fans can still enjoy the offline modes, and newer versions of Madden continue to offer updated rosters and features.

These shutdowns reflect EA’s focus on evolving their game offerings and managing resources more efficiently, which often means retiring older games to make way for new experiences.

Why Are These Games Shutting Down?

EA games are shutting down some older titles for a few reasons. First, not as many people play these games anymore. Over time, most gamers move on to newer games, leaving these older ones with fewer players. This makes it hard to keep these games running smoothly and fun for everyone.

Another big reason is that some games use things such as cars and characters that EA needs permission to use. These permissions can expire. For example, racing games such as F1 2011 needed licenses for the real cars and tracks they use. Once these licenses expire, EA can’t keep the games up without renewing them, which sometimes isn’t possible or too expensive.

So, to keep things simple and cost-effective, EA decides to shut down games that are out of date or not as popular.

Gamers React to the News

Ever since Kim Kardashian Hollywood was announced to be shut down, some mega fans of the game did not take the news so lightly
byu/Plane_Repair inpopculturechat

When gamers found out that EA games were shutting down some of their favorites, many were really sad and shared their feelings online. A lot of people are upset because they’ve enjoyed these games for years, and some have even played them for nearly 10 years. Saying goodbye feels like losing a part of their gaming history.

Here’s what one player of the “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” game said on a forum: ‘This is heartbreaking. This is devastating. I’ve spent so much time invested in this game.’ This shows how much these games mean to people.

The player also stated this in devastation: ‘Kim Kardashian, are you okay with this? What is going on? Please do not take this game. What am I supposed to do?’

These comments show that while gamers understand why the games are ending, they are still sad to see them go. They’ll miss the fun times they had playing these games.

What’s Next for EA Gamers?

Even though some old favorites are going away, EA has exciting new games coming up. Gamers can look forward to fresh adventures and updated experiences. Titles like the new versions of “EA Sports FC” and “Battlefield” are on the horizon, offering the latest graphics and gameplay improvements.

Gaming companies such as EA often update their game lists to keep things exciting and new. This means more modern games with better features and maybe even some surprises. So, while it’s sad to see some games go, there are always new ones to get excited about. Keep an eye on EA’s announcements for what’s coming next!

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