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How To Get Unlimited Player Packs in EA FC 24 – SBC Guide

The Team of the Season hype has revived EA FC over the past few days. While EA has faced heavy criticism for making the game pay-to-win, the developers have finally given the community what they want. As of now, there are genuine ways for players to grind the game out without spending money or EA points. This new meta has emerged in the form of SBCs and crafting upgrades. Players in need of elite players can grind the menus and gain access to unlimited packs if done in the right order. Complete specific SBCs in order to unlock desired packs, increasing chances of high-rated player unlocks. Keep reading to understand the order of the SBCs and unlock as many packs as possible.

EA FC’s Bronze and Silver Crafting SBCs

The ultimate objective of the initial menu grind is to obtain as many gold players as possible. To achieve this, Bronze and Silver crafting upgrades are the way to go. Players can exchange a bronze team to unlock a silver player. Continuously repeating this process with silver players rewards gold player packs. This is the best way to gain access to gold players when starting the game. If players have excess gold players, these SBCs should be saved for after using up all of the gold players.

For anyone wondering how to gain access to bronze players and start the grind, daily bronze crafting upgrades would be the way to go. A single bronze player can be exchanged for a bronze player, allowing players to easily access bronze player packs. This crafting upgrade can be done four times every day. Continuously complete this crafting upgrade to stockpile bronze players and later use them to unlock silver players.

Team of the Season Crafting upgrade, 81+ player pick, and 89 Overall exchange

The three mentioned SBCs in the title are the top value SBCs at the moment for getting access to maximum packs in EA FC. The best time to start grinding for these packs would be once players start noticing many gold duplicates appearing in every pack. This would ideally mean that the club is well-stocked with gold players. The Team of the Season crafting upgrade would be the best option to exchange common gold players. While players craft, they complete TOTS crafting challenge objectives every 10 times. Completing 10 crafting challenges earns players gold player packs. These packs ideally reward a minimum of 80+ rated players , some even exceeding 83 rating.

The 81+ player pack also requires common gold cards but requires 2 gold rare players. The advantage here is that players get to pick among three choices, and often a Team of the Season player does keep popping up. This option of choosing players should not be taken lightly as there are highly rated players in this pool of rewards.

The 89 Player Exchange is probably the most underrated SBC in EA FC 24!

Many aren’t aware that surrendering just one player can yield 51 gold players. Yes, you read that right. The 89 exchange SBC is reviving EA FC at this very moment. While completing the previously mentioned SBCs, players are bound to get an 89+ rated player. Instead of using this player in other SBCs, the best option is to exchange them for 51 players. This offers better odds as the chance of getting TOTS or even icon players increases when more packs are opened. Hence, instead of gambling 89+ rated players in other high-value SBCs, use them in the exchange SBC. This keeps the path to unlimited player packs open and the possibilities unlimited.

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