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FC 24 Live Upgrades Reach Final Stages – FUT Guide

EA FC 24 live  upgrades has reached the final week of both Euros and Copa America with just two games remaining. Spain is in the finals, and Olmo contributed the most in terms of card rating and point...

EA FC 24 Upgradable SBCs Are Becoming More Affordable!

Monday had some surprising results in Euro 2024. Belgium lost to Albania 1-0, and Doku did not receive the expected upgrades in EA FC 24  because of this. Apart from the Euro upgrades, a few other SBC...

Is the End of an Era SBC Worth It? EA FC 24 SBC Guide

It’s been a wild week for football with the recent Champions League finals hype. EA FC 24 was also flooded with content throughout the weekend. EA was on point this week with TOTS guaranteed SBC...

EA Games Ending Several Popular Games in 2024

Major Update: EA Games Ending Several Popular Games in 2024

In a recent announcement, we now know that “EA Games ending several popular games in 2024.” This news is important for players who enjoy these games, as they will need to find new favorite...

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