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One Piece X Fortnite Confirmed As Next Collab- Live Event Incoming?

Collaborations in Fortnite have been getting massive attention ever since the game launched. What started as a simple John Wick collaboration has evolved into an island filled with characters from all genres. The ever-evolving Unreal Engine is one of the primary factors for this rapid growth in collaborations. Fortnite seems like one of the only few games that can implement characters from any genre almost instantly into its game modes.

Finally, there has been a genuine leak regarding the One Piece collaboration with Epic Games. This collaboration has been rumored for almost a year now. There is confirmation that we can expect this in the near future. For a more precise timeline, I’m expecting the One Piece collaboration to kick in as soon as the TMNT collaboration is done with. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Battlepass had a mixed reception . It was considered very expensive to unlock all of the characters from that bundle. Besides that, an extra battle pass exclusive to TMNT has to be bought to unlock other styles of these premium skins.

One Piece X Epic Games Battle Pass

You can expect a battle pass related to One Piece as soon as the collaboration launches. Whether or not this will include paid levels to unlock, we’ll only be able to find that out later. I’m pretty sure that for all the major skins related to One Piece characters, they would be premium skins. In case there is a free mini-battle pass, expect backblings and pickaxes instead of full-fledged character skins.

Another intriguing question that came to my mind was whether One Piece would include different variations of Monkey D. Luffy. Since One Piece has aired over 1000 episodes, different forms of the main character might lead to spoiler alerts for people who haven’t seen the anime. So it will be interesting to see what editions of skins are available in the main bundle.

One Piece Live Event?

It is going to be interesting, as I do not expect a One Piece live event that is related to the current lore of the anime. There is a majority of viewers who have just started watching the series after finishing up with the Netflix live-action series. A live event based on the current script would ruin the experience for them. Expect a random fight scene with the OG bosses or maybe even with an OG character from Fortnite. It would be interesting to see Luffy battle it out with Jonesy. Who knows what Jonesy is capable of? It’s his island after all!

Yes, the leak does suggest that a new POI themed on the upcoming One Piece arc can be expected. Apart from those cosmetic elements from the arc, I hope that not much of the backstory is given out with this collab.


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