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Fortnite’s Season Finale: Pandora’s Box Live Event and What’s Next

Fortnite’s Chapter 5, Season 1, is set to end on March 8th. The next season is confirmed to be themed around Greek mythology. The map has already seen changes with the inclusion of a giant hand at the center. Not many may have noticed, but there was a live event surrounding this giant hand, and it concluded in 24 hours. Keep reading to learn more about the live event and everything in the upcoming season of Fortnite.

Earthquakes leading up to Fortnite’s Pandora’s Box reveal.

Towards the end of every season, Epic drops hints about what might come in the new Fortnite season. In the past few days, earthquakes were spotted all over the map, leading up to something big. After a few days, the earthquakes got bigger and out popped a giant hand holding Pandora’s Box.

Pandora’s box was estimated to have 50 million HP. Players could break into the box if they destroyed it by shooting the chains. Surprisingly, in less than 24 hours, Fortnite players accumulated over 50 million damage to the box and unlocked it. Players who got near the box once it opened, spotted a tornado and could see soul-like figures floating around it. High-pitched screams could also be heard if you pump up the volume.

Builds in Fornite’s Zero Build Mode?


The famous Fortnite leaker Ifiremonkey has posted that builds are available in “no build” mode. Epic has driven everyone nuts with this latest news. Players expect only a small element of building to enter the no-build game mode. Either way, Epic plans to disrupt the peace within the island and set the meta on fire. Items like Port-a-Fort allow players to take cover while fighting. Similarly, players might be able to place a few builds around them to take cover. Building skyscrapers and boxing up players might not be something we see in zero-build game modes.

As of when this Fortnite leak was reported, materials could be picked up while eliminating AI bots. This might be a bug, but it looks like players are granted materials as soon as they enter the tornado Pandora’s Box unlocked.

Dark Days Ahead?

Apart from the chance of it being a bug, it might all be a part of the act because Pandora’s box is known for holding sins and horrors. From that perspective, builds in zero-build modes would be the true nightmare of any zero-build grinder. This mode might only activate if you enter Pandora’s tornado. Hence, the ultimate choice is up to the player. Jump into the tornado to face your Fortnite “build” fears and play your way out of it. This does look like a far-fetched theory, but Pandora’s box does have a history of creating chaos.

Many players were surprised that there was no real hype for this small live event. The Pandora’s box is a live event, a small one but probably the strongest leak regarding what’s coming up in the next season. The game is probably going to introduce a dark side to the island in the form of ghosts and souls. In previous seasons, Fortnite used zombies to add a horror element to the game. Expect something similar for the new season.




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