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5 Rare and Iconic Skins in Fortnite!

Today, we take a look at the rarest skins in Fortnite. Since the day Fortnite went viral, OG players have been collecting skins, some of which cost thousands of dollars. The pricing of these skins is not based on the account value; instead, skins were initially part of bundles. There are still some bundles available on websites like eBay through which you can acquire these skins. Unlocking bundles through bundle codes is the only legal way to get access to skins and add them to your existing account.

Many account resellers do sell rare skins. Obtaining skins and sharing passwords to gain access to those accounts is bannable by Epic. Hence, unlike CS:GO, where you can trade your skins and list them on the marketplace, there is no way for you to gain access to a skin that has already been claimed on an account.

Psycho Bandit

To start off this list with one of my favorite skins the “Psycho Bandit.” This iconic skin was part of the Borderlands collaboration and hasn’t entered the item shop as frequently as the other skins have. In fact, the skin was last seen years ago. The render itself is unique and does not relate to the typical Fortnite graphics. They’ve added Borderlands effects to the skin, and it remains one of the most unique skins in the game.

Dark Vertex

The Dark Vertex skin has been listed on eBay for thousands of dollars. At the time of writing this article, I just checked eBay myself, and this is what I found:

I’m pretty sure no one is going to buy the skin for that price, but just to give you an example of how rare it is, I thought I’d showcase this picture. Last year, rumors had it that this bundle code sold for a minimum of $1000 as it is an Xbox exclusive skin, which is highly rated even to this date. This skin is still accessible, and the codes are available for purchase. But be sure you have your wallet ready for this one. It does not come cheap.


Indigo Kuno

Indigo Kuno was the reward for players participating in the PlayStation Cup. Though it was rumored to make frequent entries into the item shop, it was only available once. And by the looks of it, not many players purchased it. With only 6000 skins awarded to players, the skin still remains one of the rarest skins you could flex with. OG players of the game would understand that the skin is a reward for a sweaty tournament, and hence the flex value is top-tier.

Fully Golden Peely & Renegade Raider

The last two remaining skins are Battle Pass skins. The reason they enter this list is because of the fact that these were hard-to-get skins at one point in time. The Renegade Raider was a skin launched in the first season, and you had to finish the complete Battle Pass to unlock it. At that point in time, Fortnite was a small and upcoming game where players didn’t really grind it out till the end of the Battle Pass. Hence, this remains the most rare and iconic skin of the game.

The Fully Gold Peely was also a Battle Pass skin. But unlike the typical Battle Pass skins, to unlock the Gold Peely, you had to put in the hours and complete challenges like no Battle Pass ever before. Chapter Two, Season Two, is still considered one of the toughest Battle Passes to grind out. Only a small bunch of players were able to do that, and hence, this enters the list of the rarest Battle Pass skins in the game.


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